Goblin Civilians

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
I dismounted certain Goblin units and turned them into "villagers"; could be useful for Goblin NPCs/Villagers/stuff.

Animations are taken from the Engineer Gazlowe hidden model

Here's how they look like in game:






Basic geoset/animation editing by Ardenaso
Advanced geoset/bone editing and facefx fixing by VictorZ (huge thanks for him for that !)

Huge thanks to for Twilac after days/weeks of me bugging her to do stuff related to facefx for me 😅 and to Mr Ogre Man that provided me with a Blaster body with working facefx that allowed to have another discovery for facefx

03/05/2022: removed unnecessary nodes; Tinker's goggles should no longer blink on and off, added Blaster and Shredder; Gazlowe, Tinker, and Alchemist should now have bouncing ears; Alchemist's hat straps are now two-sided
08/05/2022: added the two Sapper guys, and their "no load" variations
10/06/2022: Alchemist's portrait hat straps are now two-sided; all units' portrait are now a bit more alive

Any suggestions/criticisms are appreciated.

Goblin Civilian Alchemist (Model)

Goblin Civilian Alchemist Portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Blaster (Model)

Goblin Civilian Blaster portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Gazlowe (Model)

Goblin Civilian Gazlowe Portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper A (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper A no load (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper A no load portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper A portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper B (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper B no load (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper B no load portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Sapper B portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Shredder (Model)

Goblin Civilian Shredder portrait (Model)

Goblin Civilian Tinker (Model)

Goblin Civilian Tinker Portrait (Model)

Level 1
Apr 13, 2022
These could make great templates for other types of units: Mages, Rogues, etc. I always love more Goblins!