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Day Laborer

A goblin worker made by Norinrad for my derelict mod A Tinker's Tale.

All credits go to Norinrad!

Goblin, Norinrad, A Tinker's Tale, Slave, Miner, Worker, Laborer, Day Laborer

Day Laborer (Model)

Day Laborer (Model)

14:58, 23rd Jan 2014 Kwaliti: Approved. 17:24, 23rd Jan 2014 Deolrin: Added rating.




14:58, 23rd Jan 2014


17:24, 23rd Jan 2014
Deolrin: Added rating.
Level 9
Mar 16, 2008
This model may be fairly simple, especially if you don't count the custom texture, but I just love it.

The reason I love it so much is that it's a good representation of classic Warcraft goblins, not the way over-the-top goblins we see in WoW. It's also awesome for it's versatility. While some of the other goblin worker unit models I've seen here on the Hive seem to only fit certain themes like you have one that'd be good for mining and one good for foresting, this one (like all the actual Blizzard worker models) looks able to fit either one. 5/5 from me!
Level 2
Apr 14, 2019
I like the model, but, something's missing... ICON. But, the Goblin model looks very nice and it really seems that is a worker. I'll give it a 4.5/5, just because there's no icon.