Goblin Alchemist Lab Reforged

The maniacal and brilliant Goblin Alchemists are masters of volatile chemicals, explosives and strange mechanical devices. Having constructed Zeppelins to soar above the battlefield, as well as inventing watertight pilot-shacks for use on the enslaved race of giant Sea Turtles, the Goblins have defied the very laws of nature. They also create the devastating explosives used by their cousins, the Goblin Sappers. The Alchemists take a peculiar delight in these intellectual endeavors that few understand, but all in the Horde respect the havoc that they produce.

Goblin Alchemist Lab Reforged (Model)

Goblin Alchemist lab Reforged Icon (Icon)

Mr Ogre man
Works ingame and is useful for the community.
Level 16
Oct 25, 2006
OMG. So great.

EDIT: Maybe the carpet on the front reading "welcum" should be teamcolored.
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