gnoll hills

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
this is my map which is based in the loerderon mountians.
watch out for gnoll when playing!

made by dan(iroin0)


gnoll hills (Map)

21:34, 28th Dec 2008 Ralle: This says it all
Level 4
Dec 13, 2008
thankyou for your very kind advice septimus.
plz next time u se 1 of mi maps put up plz restrain yourself from going on it and being a total *&%^$ for u can really start to get anoying.
so jog on!:fp:
Level 31
May 3, 2008
Mapping require dedication, determination, effort and patience. Creating a map in a flash in just a few minutes or hours would not get the map to a good standard.

There is a lot of procedure which you would have to learn to get your map at the right track. Randomly adding stuff into the map would not be helpful at all.

I am shedding a light at you since you are a new mapper and still doesn't familiar about the mapper world yet. At here, everybody give a critisim; some are mild and yet some are harsh. Mine was between it.

Those who praise your resources without provided reason are more likely doesn't help you at all.

Harsh review are bitter pill that are hard to be swallow, but they are for your own good.
At here, you can expect plenty of serious reviewer where they do not tolerate a low quality map.

I do not write a full length review over this map because those error are rather obvious. I can write down the list of error of this map for you, but it was up to you to fix it up.

For your information, staff of this site have low tolerance against low quality resources. If you do not take the prudent step to get the quality to a higher level, there are likely to be a higher chances of it to be rejected and I am certain that it would annoyed you even more.