Giant Spider Pack

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"Eight-legged monsters that haunt the branches of Mirkwood, these terrible creatures make their home in Dol Guldur and the Black Hollow of Mirkwood."

Co-Author(s): Cuore, konvan5

-Giant Spider

Texture came from "War of the Ring (2003)", and has been refined and rearranged to fit with Warcraft 3

Keywords: Giant, Spider, Mirkwood, Spinner, Arach, Arachnid, Nerubian, Nerub, Mordor, Lotr, War, Of, The, Ring, Rings, Lord, Evil

- Head now clickable
- Added birth animation
- Fussed with other animations
- Fixed Healthbar height
- Hopefully fixed click-box with this version
- Fixed decay bones being clickable outside of death/decay animation
- Fixed the click & drag issue, now doing a victory lap hooting like a baboon

Giant Spider (Model)

Shelob (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section. Excellent work!
Really great job, i love the twitchyness of the stand animation and the movement of the mandibles. The glow around its eyes is also a nice touch.

Regarding that walk animation though, i think you shouldn't be afraid to incorporate more motion to the root position of the character. Right now, its body stays perfectly centered throughout the cycle, whereas in real life it would probably sway a little from side to side, or bob up and down. In almost every animation, you always want to ask yourself - "how can i incorporate more motion into this?" - Even if the action portrayed in the animation is supposed to be subtle and careful, it is important to add some movement to every limb, if only a little.
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Sep 29, 2018
I saw Battle Realms when I was a kid - I wanted to play it, but never got the chance to

Upon doing a quick google-search, those spiders are-- strikingly similar :O

It may be that when the devs were making War of the Ring, they simply ported the spiders and gave 'em a LotR reskin, I'm told a ton of stuff was carried over
Wait I didn't know they were WotR devs?? Wtf the more we know haha


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Jan 29, 2010
Greetings, I'd like to report an issue with the model.
I guess the GIF I have attached will speak for itself, but here is a summary:
I am no modeler, so excuse me if I use incorrect terminology.
- The selection box of the models is very large.
- It appears to be affected by the direction they are facing.
- The "click" box is fine (eg, I can't click around them and target them), it's just when trying to box select them that this happens.


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Dec 23, 2013
That's-- baffling

When I tested it, my basic click and click/drag worked, no stretched selection box, no problems

Unfortunately I can't make any more edits, my power was just turned off and I'm about to go homeless, so uh...

You might want to get Gluma to check it out

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*Edit 2
My power has been turned back on for 2 days, I'm re-opening my Patreon for help since this is a bit of an emergency, again my apologies
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