Ghostwind RPG -- Something new?

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Jul 1, 2007
I am announcing my new project, Ghostwind RPG.
Now don't just shake your head and walk away thinking "meh, another RPG with killing and leveling", because let me just outline some key differences from other RPGs.

In a normal ORPG:
Start as a hero in a tavern with no story whatsoever.
"Level up" by doing quests and killing stuff like wolves, and then eventually save the world by killing a giant evil enemy.
Maximum level is something around 60, can sometimes go up to 100 or even 200+.
If you're lucky, there will be a "crafting" system, or events, but nothing too realistic.
Learn spells by leveling up.

In Ghostwind:
Start as an evil spirit sent by the undead to possess a young warrior or spellcaster and help the forces of evil take over the world!
Level up by doing just about anything, crafting grants experience, and you gain experience not by killing but just by swinging your sword. But a very small amount.
Maximum level is 10. Levels only state how respected you are with the townsfolk and how likely you are to receive quests.
Crafting and even jobs, money plays a VERY large part in this game, and so does reputation. I'll get around to that later.
Learn spells by finding books, studying in the University, or being apprenticed to a mage. Learn abilities with weapons by being apprenticed to a fighter's guild or enlisting in the army.

Complete Attribute Overhaul!
This is really the main difference between this and other ORPGs. I personally think the current attributes and who uses them is really stupid. I am just tweaking what the attributes do, how you increase them, and what they benefit.

Intelligence: Everyone needs int. Before, int made your mana go up, but seeing as there is no mana in this game and that it is a stupid reason, it will no longer do so. Intelligence effects how much money you can get, how much reputation you can get, how well you can craft items, and your chance to outsmart your enemy, for example dodge an attack or gain a critical hit. This attribute is important to all, but especially classes like the Ranger.

Agility: I don't even understand what this does in WC3. Firstly, it increases your ARMOR. What the FUCK?! And it also increases attack speed, which is somewhat reasonable I guess, but in Ghostwind it will be for spellcasters mainly. Why? Because to cast spells quickly, and to avoid backfires or stray attacks from enemies (yes, the spellcasters will be throwing fireballs and such up close and personal). So agility is for spellcasters. Not quite sure how it will benefit them, but I will find out :)

Strength: Ok, in previous games Strength has been solely for warrior like classes. And it increases your health... what?! Well I think everyone needs strength, because if I was an archmage, I wouldn't just sit around learning spells, naw, I would go to the gym every day and learn to use a sword so I could chop people in half and then use a fireball. So in this game, strength affects just about everything, just like int. It affects how well you can do some jobs, and how much damage you do (it is everyone's primary attribute, except for the mages, who have agility).

You only have one "quest", which is to kill the king. The rest, you must figure out for yourself. However, there are smaller "quests" to gain money and reputation, like crafting and doing jobs, or killing a rival noble. That's really all for quests right now.
Well those are the main changes, aside from UBER1337 terrain ;)

And now here is the "plot" (more like an explanation):

You are part of an army of spirits and other scary creatures to invade and take over the world. But before doing this, you must take out anyone who stands in the way, like the King of Humans (main target). But some others stand in the way, because if you go straight and kill the King, the officers and lords will kill you (minor targets). But even if you kill all of them, there are other tribes and races eager to take over, such as the Orcs and Elves. You can either kill them (yay!) or persuade them to join you (expensive). Most of the game is about stealth, not stealth like sneaking, but not blowing your cover.

More stuff will be added to this, like screenshots, later.
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Dec 3, 2007
Sounds good, but maybe you should make the level higher, around 20~30, its reasonable enough for an RPG.
And you could make it so that the evil spirit in the beginning can posses all sorts of people, if by possesing you mean class choosing ^^, like a mercenary, assassin, royal knight, prince and everything. But the closer the person is with the king, the harder it is to posses them? Like there is only one Prince that you can posses and there are chances to fail and if you do, you can never re-posses
him and stuff while there could be only 10 Royal Knights around the castle *assuming the king is at the castle of course* while there are plenty of warriors and mages running around so its the easiest to posses.
And killing the enemies of the dark army the spirit is part of should give you the most experience because its like the most important stuff to do....

What do you think about that?
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Aug 21, 2005
Maximum level is 10. Levels only state how respected you are with the townsfolk

I hope the townsfolk you're talking about are zombies? I mean... if I were a peasant, I wouldn't really have a lot of respect for an evil ghost that's trying to kill my king :D

Firstly, it increases your ARMOR. What the FUCK?!
Well... I think the main reason they did this is because it's some sort of alternative for "Evasion"... Since they couldn't give every hero Evasion (which would - indeed - be heavily dependand on your agility), they just decided that the more agility your hero has, the more likely your hero is to absorb damage (i.e. "dodge" an attack)...

Attribute Overhaul
I find this a bit strange... I see what you're trying to do: avoid clichés such as ultrastrengthed warriors or uberintelligent mages, but I find it completelly strange that - seeing as how a mage is supposed to LEARN spells at a school), instead of intelligence, agility is their "main" attribute...
I find the idea of forcing someone to "balance" things out ok (rather than having the stereotypical mage casting spells behind his strong berserker who's just taking all the damage), but right now I think it's a bit odd... But it might also be that I'm just too conservative on this area.

I'm still trying to figure out the leveling system... So your level is more or less the "respect" you have from the citisens? While you have to "earn" or buy or train your skills? I like the concept, but I think leveling should have a more important part or just have no part at all...

Again, I like the concepts, but I think there are still some things to be made clear...
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Dec 15, 2007
Well an idea could be for the "leveling system" is that when killing creatures your exp goes up slightly, but atleast some. But not enough for people to just grind kills, i'm guessing when you do a quest or something for your towns people you gain experience, why not I can agree. But do you lose exp since its your "reputation." Like if you killed a townsmember.

I don't see how agility can completely help for spell casting, except making the charge shorter. Strength increases health because its like, if i'm stronger i have a higher pain tolerance and take a bigger hit. I mean if i punch someone whos 250 2% body fat they won't feel much, but if i hit someone 120 and like 20-30% body fat( i think thats average, but i'm not a fitness instructor) they will feel pain alot more.

I seen your comments before on clechet' rpgs but "take out anyone who stands in the way" sounds really over-used to me.
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Dec 31, 2007
You've got some interesting ideas here that differ from normal ones but how its all thrown in the pot would make it very confusing for new players and even rpg lovers. Although I love interesting, odd and new ideas, i'd have to say that this is too odd if you catch my drift. Maybe drop a few of these ideas to make it simpler. I'd love to possibly help you in the future.
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