Ghost Wood TD 0.1.0004

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Map Info:

Created by: Chimaer

This map is a Tower Defense for 1-4 players. You'll have to find your own strategy through 50 waves of villains by combinations of towers, their abilities, special attacks and upgrades. There are 3 difficulties available. Tutorial included.


  • Most of towers have special abilities. Your builder can give orders to use them.
  • "Leaking" is not the defeat. You may try to help yourself or your allies by a lot of ways until villain reaches "exit". Teamwork is an option.
  • Some waves have special abilities and they are willing to use them to reach "exit" point.
  • 3 "ultimate" weapons to improve your late-game experience.
  • 11 unique towers
  • 26 upgrades for towers
Some more stuff about map

There are 4-12 invisible "Banshees", who will try to disturb you and your towers during the game. Repel them! This will provide you with additional gold and ethereal essences (wood). Your builder's "Place turret" ability recharges faster aswell.




Ghost Wood TD 0.1.0004 (Map)

Shar Dundred
Map appears to be functional & doesn't break any rules. Approved.