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Aug 27, 2012
Feb 19, 2010
March 18



Hexus was last seen:
Aug 27, 2012
    1. maxxxus
      hi. i like your NE huntress and i made a NE huntress too. can you tell me how your model move its weapons just when it attacks? my model keeps its weapons in their hands and i don't know how to make that just when it starts attacking :/ help me, please u.u
    2. Sellenisko
      Hello, i would like to ask you, if i can alternate your owl model for some screenshot previews. I need this kind of animation as your owl has, but for the Odin ravens :D Can i please do that?
    3. morbent
      You make great models, why did you give up on making them? I just wanted to say GJ, oh and my request, forget about it I don't need it anymore.
    4. JollyD
      so much epic stuff ! i love that ne things! GREAT
    5. morbent
      Hi Hexus, can I request a doodad? It's more special effects and 1 swing animation actually. I need a cable (cut off), which sparks lightning every 25-36 seconds and creates 10 omni lights in a second, making: light, not light, light, not light, light... etc. in a second. And it should swing... slowly. It should be going from up to down... I mean...

      Oh and... it may be yellow here, but make it blue please :D

      Thanks in advance, await +rep if finished.
    6. Sin'dorei300
    7. Hexus
      Sorry, veohxin, I can't.
      Sure Sin'dorei300, go ahead) I am terrible at painting (that's why I always use standart textures) :)
    8. Sin'dorei300
      Hey, man, i like ur models, they're great! Btw, can i have ur permission to upload a icon for ur Druid Guide model, pls?
    9. Mgeterno11
      You make cool models, i really like them. :)
    10. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      Love your models. ;)
      Always felt that we where low on Night Elf style models!
    11. mateuspv
      I love yours models
    12. yeohxin
      Nice modelling skills you have! How about the request? If you don't want to do it please tell me, so that I can find other person to make it.

      If you can't find it it's here.
    13. Vlad727
      Sweet NE doodads Allectrazer.
      This is exactly what the hive needed

      (yes there was a huge shortage of NE doodads,
      but I guess you must have noticed that 2)

      These Doodads are all of high quality and
      are just perfect for any NE themed map.

      Keep up the great work

      *maybe try some undead/forsaken doodads,
      since there aren't that many on the hive
    14. Orcnet
      that's a lot of useful night elf models you got there, keep it up and good luck (:
    15. Silverfish423
      Wow dude, just saw those night elf models you made...haven't had time to check them out in detail, but thuoght I'd stop by to say they looked very good from a glance!!
    16. Kaizer
      Cool night elf models...
      Have the sudden urge to make a night elf map based on your models ^^
    17. yeohxin
      Hey Allectrazer, do you take modeling request?
      I have one which you can find the details here.
    18. Sephalo
      Really like the Flower Dryad model! Sweet!
    19. JesusHipster
      Я так и думал, что это ты:p Если что, то я тоже с xgm.
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    March 18
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Night Elf
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