Level 11
May 20, 2009
Does GetIssuedOrderID provide the integer ID or the string ID? If it's the string, what can I use to get the integer ID?

If it already is the Integer ID, then what am I doing wrong here? It's telling me "Invalid type for specified operator"

if GetIssuedOrderId() != udg_U_Build_BuildingOrder[udg_U_Build_Index[12]] then

U_Build_BuildingOrder is an Integer variable, because it's the only way I can get the Order ID of the "abilities" I'm looking for (They only have Integer IDs, no String IDs) which are the individual build building abilities in the Build Building menus.

EDIT: I actually totally forgot that U_Build_BuildingOrder is not an integer, it is a string. Because the Order ID integer was too long to be put into the GUI for it. But now I have another problem. When I try to do,

Custom script:   if orderid != S2I(udg_U_Build_BuildingOrder[udg_U_Build_Index[12]])

The Editor crashes. Completely. Just completely crashes. It does this with I2S as well.
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