Geomancer Spells

Level 8
Nov 30, 2012
I need spells which i want to ask for doomlord but he said he will be busy so...
here is the spells:

Earth Magic
Uses his magic to command the ground to bind an enemy unit, that will deal 30 damage per second to it. The rock can be attacked by the target unit allies but not the target itself.

Level 1: Lasts 2 seconds, 200 hit points rock
Level 2: Lasts 3 seconds, 400 hit points rock
Level 3: Lasts 4 seconds, 600 hit points rock
Level 4: Lasts 5 seconds, 800 hit points rock

Flame Magic
Creates pillars of flame in the ground that will melt through the enemies armor, reducing its armor for 5 seconds

Level 1: 2 armor reduction, 300 AoE
Level 2: 3 armor reduction, 400 AoE
Level 3: 4 armor reduction, 500 AoE
Level 4: 5 armor reduction, 600 AoE

Water Magic
Channels water magic that will build up its power by 100 damage per second. When released it will deal damage to units in a line.

Level 1: Can be channeled up to 2 seconds
Level 2: Can be channeled up to 3 seconds
Level 3: Can be channeled up to 4 seconds
Level 4: Can be channeled up to 5 seconds

Water, Earth and Fire Combo
Combines the power of the three elements to create a massive energy burst that will deal massive damage to enemy in an area and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Level 1: 600 damage in an area
Level 2: 700 damage in an area
Level 3: 900 damage in an area

P.S. Water magic is like illuminate of keeper of the light in dota, which can cancel the channeling of the spell anytime. Heres the link: Illuminate: Keeper of the Light