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vJass Spell Requests

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Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
I just need some spells for my project, the Legendary War (found in my signature). Each spell has to be leakless, and made in (v)Jass. I have JNPG installed, so find the way you think it's best.

Credits ingame, for what you did, and reputation is ensured.
1. Hawk Sight
Ashaya enchants her sight, providing her with an ability to spot weak points of near enemies, and damage then heaver than others. Additionally enhances her vision by 1000 range. Half of vision bonus in the night.

Level 1: +25 damage if target is in 150 AoE.
Level 2: +35 damage if target is in 175 AoE.
Level 3: +45 damage if target is in 200 AoE.
Level 4: +55 damage if target is in 225 AoE.

Notes: Vision is centered on her; regular vision is 1600/800. If targets she attacks are nearer than set range, she gains bonus damage against them, for one shot. You shouldn't be able to spam this by animation cancel.
2. Degree Shot
Ashaya shoots a magically guided arrow towards desired point. If the arrow encounters an enemy, it will deal damage and cut away half of unit's movement for 3 seconds. If the arrow misses all enemies along it's path, it will randomly change direction once.

Level 1: 80 damage.
Level 2: 160 damage.
Level 3: 240 damage.
Level 4: 320 damage.

Notes: Speed of arrow is 500 range per second. Limit of 1000 range. If the arrow hits no enemy units, within 1000 range, it will randomly go left or right by 90 degrees, and continue it's path for additional 500 range.
3. Atonement Arrow
Ashaya taps into her elven magic, shooting a magical arrow towards targeted point. Upon impact with an enemy hero, the arrow will damage and trap it for 2 second, disabling any actions, and then continuing further. Each target will empower the arrow with a 20% boost to it's damage, as well as a bonus of 1 second stun.

Level 1: 260 initial damage.
Level 2: 415 initial damage.
Level 3: 570 initial damage.

Notes: The arrow should leave somewhat very nice eyecandies, while it's traveling and when it hits an enemy, but please, without imports.
4. Misplacement
Warps the field around the Night Ranger with gravity and time, causing every Hero caught in it to be stuck in their positions for a short duration. Heroes can move towards Ashaya, but not outwards of her. Affects AoE of 600. Ashaya can't move while it lasts.

Level 1: Lasts 1 second.
Level 2: Lasts 1.5 seconds.
Level 3: Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 4: Lasts 2.5 seconds.

Notes: Becoming magic immune, teleporting over 500 range and becoming invisible will break the chain. I want to see low transparency something, colored with blue links that will go from her to targets. Ashaya should be ensnared while it lasts, to disable movement and blinking.
5. Glacial Breaths
The Crystal Giant breathes three cones of frost towards him, one breath per one second. Any enemy unit hit by a breath will take damage and get slowed for 0.5 seconds. If an enemy is hit by two breaths in a row, it will be frozen solid for 1.5 seconds. The Crystal Giant can move while breathing.

Level 1: 40 x 3 damage.
Level 2: 60 x 3 damage.
Level 3: 80 x 3 damage.
Level 4: 100 x 3 damage.

Notes: Does not interrupts his actions (breaths are cast by a dummy). One breath per second, first breath on cast, second after a second, third after two seconds from cast. Breathes always go towards his current facing. Slow is 20%.
6. Iceberg Blast
The Crystal Giant shatters the earth beneath him in an AoE of 300, dealing damage to and slowing by 25% for 2 seconds to all nearby enemy units. Several icy missiles will randomly be thrown in AoE of 400, striking enemies for bonus damage and mini stunning them.

Level 1: 75 damage, 3 missiles, 15 damage each.
Level 2: 135 damage, 6 missiles, 25 damage each.
Level 3: 195 damage, 9 missiles, 35 damage each.
Level 4: 255 damage, 12 missiles, 45 damage each.

Notes: Ministun is 0.1 seconds. All missiles will go in random directions, and upon impact, they will deal AoE damage and AoE ministun. AoE of small missiles is 100.
7. Shattering Fists
Skilled at crushing iceblocks in his lands, the Crystal Giant can wrack havoc in close combat by empowering his attack damage every two strikes. If the target is frozen solid from Glacial Breaths or Sub-Zero and it gets hit by shattering fists, the ice shatters and the enemy takes extra damage and gets slowed for 2 seconds.

Level 1: +15 damage every 2 attacks, +30 damage if frozen.
Level 2: +30 damage every 2 attacks, +60 damage if frozen.
Level 3: +45 damage every 2 attacks, +90 damage if frozen.
Level 4: +60 damage every 2 attacks, +120 damage if frozen.

Notes: Shattering Ice can only be activated on each second attack, when the bonus damage occurs. 15% slow for struck units (when the ice shatters). There should be a small visual effect on the hands.
8. Sub-Zero Improvement
This checks if unit has a specific item. Every attack made by those units will become effect of Shattering Fists (No longer instance of 2 attacks.) If the item is lost, this enhancement is lost as well.
Arcyling Soul
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Level 20
Jul 6, 2009
I can do those. I just need something clarified - for the Recall spell, should the target move over time or instantly?
Also i'm not sure how Arcyling applies damage. Does the soul damage units both on it's path and upon exploding?

EDIT: I've finished Blazechain for now.


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