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BIG PROJECT!!! Request mass hero abilities/spells

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Level 1
Apr 24, 2004
This is for anybody willing to undertake a huge project. I'm currently with a few other people making a campaign and we all suddenly decided we should go with custom hero abilities. We currently are taking up all the time with the campaign and storyline creation (we're talking twice as big as a regular wc3 campaign at least) and none of us has any time to create our spells. Here's a list of the abilities we need.

Note: All regular spells have a cooldown of 10 seconds, unless otherwise stated
All ultimate spells have a cooldown of 180 seconds, unless otherwise stated

Hero 1:

1. Solidarity Aura - Reduces damage from Spells and Ranged Attacks.
Level 1: Reduces damage by 5%
Level 2: Reduces damage by 10%
Level 3: Reduces damage by 15%

2. Copy of the Charge Spell, that can be modified to be used freely throughout a campaign and multiple maps, as we need it to be saved to a cache with a character. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if we can get it modified with the following stats:
Level 1: 200 damage, 4 second stun
Level 2: 400 damage, 6 second stun
Level 3: 600 damage, 8 second stun

3. Battle Fury: For a set amount of time, causes the Hero to increase attack speed with each successful hit, but decrease to normal attack speed when the hero misses
Level 1: 30 seconds, 3% attack speed per hit
Level 2: 45 seconds, 5% attack speed per hit
Level 3: 60 seconds, 7% attack speed per hit
Mana: 150

Ultimate: Executioner’s Blade: The next attack made by the Hero kills the unit that was attacked. Can’t be used on Heroes, or Creeps that are flying.
Mana: 250

Hero 2:

1. Mystic Circle: The Hero cannot be targeted by Spells for a set amount of time. The Hero can still Attack and cast spells, however.
Level 1: 10 Seconds
Level 2: 20 Seconds
Level 3: 30 seconds
Mana: 125

2. Mystic Cross: An enemy unit is imprinted with the sign of the Cross, halving the damage it deals for a set amount of time
Level 1: 20 seconds
Level 2: 40 seconds
Level 3: 60 seconds
Mana: 100

3. Spirit Blast: The Hero sends a beam of pure white energy at the enemy, damaging it and healing the hero
Level 1: 100 damage, 50HP healed
Level 2: 200 damage: 100HP healed
Level 3: 300 damage: 150HP healed
Mana: 125

Ultimate: Wrath of Heaven: All enemy units in the targeted area have second thoughts and refuse to attack your units for 60 seconds, after which they take 500 damage
Range: 600
Mana: 300

Hero 3

1. The Summons: The Hero teleports units from other areas to him. Pretty much the same as Starcraft’s Recall spell, but smaller
Level 1: 1 unit
Level 2: 2 units
Level 3: 3 units
Mana: 150
Note: To have this spell work, it may be an idea to use the idea from Chain Lightning, and have the spell jump to nearby units for teleportation for levels 2 and 3.

2. Essence Aura: Increases the damage and summon time of summoned units
Level 1: 5% damage, 10 seconds
Level 2: 10% damage, 20 seconds
Level 3: 15% damage, 30 seconds

3. Summon Judge: Summons a Judge for a period of time:
Level 1: 60 seconds
Level 2: 120 seconds
Level 3: 180 seconds
Mana: 175
Note: The Judge is a unit that currently is in creation, so anybody willing to create this spell should use a Frost Revenant as the unit and then show me how to change it, or if anybody e-mails me (bottom of thread) I’ll be happy to e-mail a map with the unit

Ultimate: Light of Creation: For 3 minutes, a Spirit Elemental will be summoned at a targeted Town Hall every 15 seconds.
Mana: 400
Note: Same as above, since we decided not to make the units until we knew the spell was going ahead. Anyone who creates this spell should use a Water Elemental as the unit and then show me how to change it, or if anybody e-mails me (bottom of thread) I’ll be happy to e-mail a map with the unit

Hero 4:

1. Cloud of Ash: A Cloud of Ash is created over an area for a set amount of time, making the units inside invisible while in it. Spells cannot be casted on units while inside the Cloud.
Level 1: 400 Range, 30 seconds
Level 2: 800 Range, 60 seconds
Level 3: 1200 Range, 90 seconds
Mana: 175

2. Chaos Strike: For a set amount of time, whenever the Hero makes an attack on a unit, that unit has its armor reduced for 60 seconds
Level 1: 15 seconds, -1 Armor
Level 2: 30 seconds, -2 Armor
Level 3: 45 seconds, -3 Armor
Mana: 150

3. Shadow Strike: Just the same as the normal Shadow Strike spell, but if it can be modified so that the Hero’s next attack is the spell, and the stats are modified.
Level 1: 100 damage, 15 continuous damage
Level 2: 200 damage, 30 continuous damage
Level 3: 300 damage, 45 continuous damage

Ultimate: Anarchy and Chaos: For 3 minutes, all units in a targeted area deal damage to themselves when they attack equal to half the damage they deal
Range: 1200
Mana: 350

Hero 5:

1. Parasite: Much like the Parasite spell from Starcraft. An enemy unit is infected with a Parasite, which reveals to the player everything that unit sees.
Level 1: 100 Mana, 30 second cooldown
Level 2: 50 Mana, 15 second cooldown
Level 3: 25 Mana, 10 second cooldown

2. Blood Blade: The Hero’s attacks for a set amount of time do additional damage and restore HP to the Hero for 30 seconds
Level 1: +3 damage, heal 10HP
Level 2: +5 damage, heal 20HP
Level 3: +7 damage, heal 30HP
Mana: 150

3. Bone Spear: Similar to the Diablo II Spell. A spear of bone is thrown at the enemy, dealing damage
Level 1: 150 damage
Level 2: 300 damage
Level 3: 450 damage
Mana: 100

Ultimate: Blood Feast: In an area around the Hero, enemy units lose 2HP per second for 120 seconds, while friendly units gain 2HP per second
Range around the Hero: 750
Mana: 250

Hero 6

1. Psychic Halt: All units in the targeted area are stunned for a set amount of time
Level 1: Small area, 5 seconds
Level 2: Medium area, 7 seconds
Level 3: Large Area, 10 seconds
Mana: 150

2. Mental Blast: An enemy unit is hit with a blast of psychic energy, damaging it and stopping its ability to cast spells for a set amount of time
Level 1: 50 damage, 5 seconds
Level 2: 100 damage, 10 seconds
Level 3: 150 damage, 15 seconds
Mana: 100

3. Fade into Darkness: The Hero is teleported to the nearest Town Hall, and is restored to full HP and MP
Level 1: 150MP, 45 second cooldown
Level 2: 100MP, 30 second cooldown
Level 3: 50MP, 15 second cooldown

Ultimate: Sabotage: The unit targets a building. When the Hero dies, the building explodes, destroying it and dealing 500 damage to all nearby enemy units
Range around the Building: 300
Mana: 300

Hero 7:

1. Gattak’s Miracle: Target a building. For a set amount of time, that building will produce a set amount of Gold every 2 seconds
Level 1: 5 Gold, 10 seconds
Level 2: 10 Gold, 20 seconds
Level 3: 15 Gold, 30 seconds
Mana: 100

2. Isan’s Miracle: Target unit has its HP cut by a certain amount
Level 1: HP cut by ¼
Level 2: HP cut by 1/3
Level 3: HP cut by ½
Mana: 150

3. Yarris’ Miracle: Your units in a targeted area will inflict the enemy with Poison and Slow for a set amount of time whenever they inflict damage on a unit
Level 1: 3 seconds
Level 2: 5 seconds
Level 3: 7 seconds
Mana: 125

Ultimate: Final Sacrifice: In an area around the Hero, each player will have an equal number of units destroyed, which is equal to whichever player has the highest number of units. This spell kills this Hero.
Mana: 300

Hero 8

1. Shadow Blast: Same as Bone Spear, except a blast of black energy is directed at the enemy unit
Level 1: 250 damage
Level 2: 500 damage
Level 3: 750 damage
Mana: 150

2. Corruption: Target enemy unit becomes corrupted, turning them undead and dealing poison damage for a set amount of time
Level 1: 30 seconds
Level 2: 60 seconds
Level 3: 90 seconds
Mana: 50

3. Dark Recovery: The Hero is healed for half its HP
Level 1: 45 second cooldown
Level 2: 30 second cooldown
Level 3: 15 second cooldown
Mana: 200

Ultimate: Absolute Evil: All units in the targeted area are destroyed
Range: 600

This is a large project, and everybody currently involved in this campaign is praying that there are people kind enough out there to contribute, even if it is just a single spell. I've left some things out (such as art, how it operates etc.) because I feel that people who wish to make these spells should try and make them how they feel the spell should look. If you wish to enquire about anything concerning these spells, or wish to submit completed spells, send them to [email protected]. With the completed spells, it would be great if a little notepad document or something would be supplemented with how the spells work, and an easy way of changing things such as referenced units and values (Summon Judge and Light of Creation, respectively). Anybody who submits a completed spell shall have their name, and what they did mentioned in the credits. Also, the campaign shall be posted on the site once it is completed, so the spells shall help to make it a truly individual creation.
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