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Generic Portrait for Kobolds

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
CODENAME GP4K was a secret project thought lost, until it was tracked down to hidden research facilities in the (former) Aral Sea...

...or it's just a dumb portrait I cooked up in the last couple of days :p

I'm working on a Candle Priest, but want to upload it with both custom and default heads.
However, I wanted to make something that would work with anything using the default kobold head.
You can also palette swap the texture to the geomancer because they both map the same.

It should also suffice for a number of other existing kobold models on here, such as:

Memento's Kobold Hero
Kobold Worker (I'm using this)
Kobold Slave
Diegoit's kobold pack

If you want to replace the existing in-game kobold portrait, import the skin and change the path to:

>This portrait looks strangely familiar
Yes, that would be because the facial animations are based on the Skeleton Warrior.

Generic Portrait for Kobolds (Model)