Furniture Collection

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Do you want to decorate your living room with some furniture ? It's a kit with various furniture that can be used to decorate modern houses.

Attachments list:

Chair and Sofa

Foot Right and Left : Sides of the Sofa
Chest : Middle of the Sofa

Chest : Central part of the freezer
Hand Right and Left : Sides part of the freezer

Chest : Central Part of the Shelf
Head : Upper Part of the Shelf
Foot Right and Left : Bottom sides of the Shelf
Hand Right and Left : Upper sides of the Shelf

Foot Right and Left : Right plates
Chest and Head : Center plates
Hand Right and Left : Left plates

Trash Bin
Chest : Inside the Trash bin

Blue Sofa (Model)

Book Shelf (Model)

Desk Chair (Model)

Dirty Sofa (Model)

Empty Freezer (Model)

Empty Shelf (Model)

Freezer with boxes (Model)

Freezer with fish (Model)

Freezer with humans (Model)

Freezer with meat (Model)

Freezer with vegetable (Model)

Glass Table (Model)

Gun Cabinet (Model)

Large Sofa 1 (Model)

Large Sofa 2 (Model)

Large Table (Model)

Medieval Chair (Model)

Modern Chair (Model)

Red Sofa (Model)

Round Chair (Model)

Round Table (Model)

Safe (Model)

School Chair (Model)

Shelf (Model)

Shelf with books (Model)

Shelf with boxes (Model)

Shelf with large books (Model)

Simple Chair (Model)

Small Cabinet (Model)

Small Safe (Model)

Small Table (Model)

Tool Box (Model)

Tool Cabinet (Model)

Trash Bin (Model)

Trash Bin 2 (Model)

Wooden Bench (Model)

General Frank
Objects need to disappear at the end of the death animations. Also, some of the most simple models have way too many polygons, please try to reduce the amount.