Far North Collection - Wooden Furniture

A collection of over twenty medieval-themed wooden furniture and man-made objects. The intended use is as decorative doodads or destructibles. Every model has simple animations for birth and death. Some models have additional animations, for example opening a door. Please report any bugs or errors you may find.

Credit Clause:
All models are made by me from scratch. Textures originate from Textures.com and TextureLib.com, thus placing restrictions on the redistribution and modification of these resources. Read more on the corresponding websites for further information. Editing this bundle's models to suit your own usage is allowed without my permission, as long as it does not break clauses of the original sources of the textures used.

"One or more textures bundled with this project have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information."


Alternative Texture: Cracked Planks (Texture)

Alternative Texture: Forlorn Planks (Texture)

Alternative Texture: Weathered Planks (Texture)

Original Texture - Nailed Iron (Texture)

Original Texture: Hay (Texture)

Original Texture: Old Planks (Texture)

Wooden Barrel (Closed) (Model)

Wooden Barrel (Empty) (Model)

Wooden Barrel (Lid) (Model)

Wooden Bench (Model)

Wooden Bucket (Model)

Wooden Bed (Hay) (Model)

Wooden Bed (Wood) (Model)

Wooden Box (Closed) (Model)

Wooden Box (Open) (Model)

Wooden Cabinet (Model)

Wooden Chair (Model)

Wooden Drawer (Model)

Wooden Ladder (Horizontal) (Model)

Wooden Ladder (Vertical) (Model)

Wooden Pail (Model)

Wooden Platform (Model)

Wooden Shelf (Hanging) (Model)

Wooden Shelf (Small) (Model)

Wooden Shelf (Large) (Model)

Wooden Stool (Model)

Wooden Table (Large) (Model)

Wooden Table (Round) (Model)

Wooden Table (Small) (Model)

Wooden Tray (Model)

Wooden Wardrobe (Model)

A fine set of wooden doodads. Works in-game. Approved! Even though the textures are eligible to be used, I'd still recommend making your own or using the in-game textures.
Maybe a few skins for flavor, I guess?
Added alternative textures for cracked, forlorn and weathered planks. While the textures are modified to match each other in UV wrapping, there might be spots where the wrapping is unappealing, if so let me know and we'll see if we can fix it.