Funny things which you collected in Hive so far

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Sep 18, 2007
Ok guys, time for little comedy :cgrin:

Which stuff did you have/collected/know to show that was funny to you which happened in Hive?
Post here screenshots, quotes, link of existing threads (public of course), visitor messages, private messages, etc etc...
Please note about private messages. Rules says: PMs in Topics - Private messages are private, it's content are not to be made public without the consent of both users. So, do not reveal names of users, don't quote/screenshot names or something which may lead to rule breaking in PMs.
Just post messages of type ,,OMG WTF LOL LULZ UR MAP KILLS U ROCK" if you find that funny.
I do not have funny PMs received, but I have tons of other stuff:

Now, I start first, from chat:
This is one of best things which I saw, where whole chat laughed

These are various:

Now from visitor messages which are also public:
Here is Tarzan English (Misha named it like that, I was laughing for long time) (just look at Sunreaver's grammar combined with dates, which results of epic awesomeness when he is asking me same stuff for years)
(still Sunreaver the epic)

Here is little haosis virus in chat for you, people were infected with it

Here is one recent fun in forums

And for the end (although I may find something soon cause I had lot of stuff here in computer) I left the best thing ever, I present to you
Epic trolling
This is pack of several screenshots how one guy trolled few years ago, this is why I need to pack it in pastebin, I it is worth, I dare you




I'll show some of my sleeves here :p soon (It's the funny Chat messages)
well, i got this :p
I had big plans,then i realized that the big plans are just a big waste of time for me,and that i have no use from it.
The story of Eldin HawkWing's body parts...
...It begins with his cutted arm.

Then his cutted leg.

Then his cutted head.

It ends with his cutted fingers.





Credits to Almia:

Credits to -Kobas-
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Buddy,while reading i laughed so hard,that my neighbors called the police.
And i didnt know that reading can be that funny.
In main,i realized more things while reading this ,hahaha.
I realized the following:
That insulting is now allowed,because Ralle said "he is NOT REALLY breaking any rules".
So guys say welcome to the freedom of insulting.
Looks like that Kobas dont care about gender.
So he's maybe B sexual.




It was indeed the most perfect honeymoon ever with triggs, ah triggs, when will we have children? When will we die together from old age? triggs, I love you oh oh oh so so so bad. I will never ever leave you.

I say, I blame KILLCIDE and Aether for leaving the chat.

<3, Roland.

Truly the Most cringe-worthy user ever.
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Feb 18, 2014
Aw man, I'm glad I left the channel as Misha did before (...) started!
Good luck man :eek:

Edit : So I guess this is the reason why you two were alone in chat!? Did TriggerHappy realise what you're doing with his sister (Triggs)?