French Tank Pack

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This pack will be updated with additional tanks and armoured cars in the future!

-Renault FT (WWI Tank)
-Peugeot A.C (WWI Armoured Car)

Coming soon!
-Char B1 (WWII Heavy Tank)
-Renault 40 (WWII Tank)
-W.Laffly A.C (WWII A.C)

Co-Author: HerrDave

This pack uses an omni-skin, meaning you only have to import it once in order to use every tank in the pack, as well as any other tank pack.

-Updated the Peugeot
-Fixed normals
-Fixed normals on the Renault (Both Variants)
-Fixed a minor rigging mistake in the Renault
-Removed unused event objects

Keywords: France, French, Tank, WWI, WWII, Armour, Armoured, Car, Mechanical, Mechanized, Trench, Warfare,

Peugeot Armoured Car (Model)

Peugeot Armoured Car Cannon (Model)

Renault FT (Model)

Renault FT MG (Model)

General Frank
Models work fine and perform well. Approved.