English Tank Pack

This pack will be updated with additional tanks and armoured cars in the future!

-Mark I Tank (WWI Tank)
-Whippet Tank (WWI Medium Tank)
-Rolls Royce A.C (WWI Armoured Car)
-Churchill Tank (WWII Infantry Tank)

This pack uses an omni-skin, meaning you only have to import it once in order to use every tank in the pack, as well as any other tank pack.

As told by HerrDave, I merged all current British Tanks and Armoured Cars, including his Mark I and Whippet, into one pack.

- Updated the Whippet.
- Updated the Whippet, MK I and the Rolls Royce.
- Fixed normals on the Rolls Royce and the Churchill
- Fixed normals on the wheels of the Churchill
- New UV wrap for the Churchill's Barrel
- Major update for the Rolls-royce car, including a much higher polygon turret, to better replicate how it looked.
- Changed Rolls Royce's vision slits
- Fixed some flickering in the Rolls royce
- Changed the MG-42 of the Churchill into a Besa machine gun
- Changed the mesh of the "Catwalks" above the treads on the Churchill.
- Changed TC on the Churchill (old TC was overused).
- Added another flag on the back of the Churchill's turret.
- Added TC on the back of the Churchill.
- Slightly changed the Churchill's doors on the sides.
- Reduced the Churchill's polycount by 254 and filesize by 13 KB.
- Reduced Z fighting on the Churchill turret's TC emblems.
- Added rivets to the Churchill's sides.
- Shortened and widened the Churchill a bit.
- Lowered the Churchill
- Improved the Rolls-Royce's turret roof wrap.
- Improved the wrap of other areas as well, such as the back.
- Added vents to the front of the Rolls Royce's plates.
- Reduced the Rolls Royce's polycount by 6 measly polygons.
- Updated the Churchill
- Added the Cromwell
- Added the Valentine
- Fixed wobbling/floating of the antenna of the Cromwell.

Keywords: Britain, British, England, English, Tank, WWI, WWII, Armour, Armoured, Car, Mechanical, Mechanized, Trench, Warfare, Commonwealth,

Churchill Tank (Model)

Cromwell Tank (Model)

Mark A Whippet (Model)

Mark I Tank (Model)

Rolls-Royce Armoured Car (Model)

Valentine Tank (Model)

General Frank
Nice tank models and go well with the other ones you made. Good job.
Level 7
Jun 28, 2017
looks nice and neat while viewing in model viewer.
time to download and this and test it in "xcom in WC3 engine" just for "Human" XCOM Vehicles against the Aliens with fun.
Level 6
Dec 28, 2011
I posted the screenshot in the media section yesterday and got this response from kellym0

"this is caused by the particle emitters using the wrong column/row numbers in the emitter fields with the wrong texture.

a texture with 4 rows and 4 columns will have a total of 16 pictures, each picture is a ''cloud'' with slight differences, the alpha channels also change with each picture. normally an emitter will use the pictures in order top down left to right, which is why the first picture is the smallest for say, an explosion or fire ball, and the last picture is often the biggest, thinnest, and most faded, usually they become darker in color.

This is usually how it should work, but if your texture only has 2 rows, and 2 columns, with a grand total of 4 pictures, you will see a big mess of all kinds of pictures in different spots, which looks really bad, but thats not whats happening here.

This looks like the exact other direction of problem, I think this texture has only 1 picture, and its being used improperly as though it should have rows and columns, when it doesn't.

Easily fixed, by either changing the texture to another, with more rows and columns, or by changing the emitters rows/columns settings to the proper ones used by the texture."

No idea if it helps, but I thought I'd share the information I had.
Level 6
Dec 28, 2011
I've double-checked the particle emitters in the model editor - everything appears to be solid

Just to make extra sure, I imported them into a map over the ones I was using for WotK (out of date) and they had no issues :c

Are you using the Warcraft: Reforged editor by chance?


As it happens, yes. I assumed originally that the reforged editor may be the case. Beta and all that.
For some reason the Warcraft 3 Classic editor is being really annoying and fiddly.
Level 61
Dec 23, 2013
Fiddly perfectly describes it x_x

In regards to the broken particle effect, be sure to report that bug to Blizzard, if Reforged launches with incompatible texture paths regarding vanilla assets, that'll break just about every custom model that uses in-game textures

I'm staying far away from Reforged, so unfortunately I don't really know where one would go to report issues