French Infantryman

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French Line Infantry with a Chassepot/Gras Rifle (I've anachronistically got the bolt action on there coz I think it looks cool). Team colour on trims of clothing, kepi and trousers. White tc could also pass as some French foreign legion troops of the same era.

This is based off of Herr Dave's models and uses bayonet animations from Zess' Steampunk soldiers - I got permission from both, thanks to both of them for the work they put into keep wc3 modding community vibrant and allowing others to learn and build on what they've made.

Keywords: WWI, Franco Prussian War, Risk, imperial, colonial, French, Paris Commune, Line Infantry, Industrial, Rifleman, Soldier

French Infantryman (Model)

Nicely made mesh and great opportunity in using Zess's permission given Animations. Good Job. Setting to Approved.