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Found a problem with Vex's optimizer

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Apparently tooltips get erased if you use the ctrl + enter trick, its better just to use |n if anyone wanted a fix for this since the proper linebreak still works even though it looks messier as well takes 2 char's, at least the optimizer accepts it.

Does anyone know how to fix the ctrl + enter linebreak for this tool? Considering its the best optimizer for wc3 in wc3 history, wonder if Vex still checks? :thumbs_up:

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
what's the point in having line-breaks part of the syntax?
Can make parsing easier I imagine. Instead of passing a stream of characters, you can pass a stream of lines. Even with keywords at the start of every line, it saves you from testing for key words at every stage of parsing.

Languages like python depend heavily on it because they have no block open/close syntax. Hence new lines and indentation are the only way to define blocks.

SC2's Galaxy has no problem being written to a single massive continuous line. However I do not think multi-line strings are permitted hence \n is needed.
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