Food For Thought

Level 2
Feb 14, 2019
Hey everyone! Just made it official of joining the site. I have been using it for a good while though, so just made the leap of making the account. So just some food for thought on new content for the website (these requests could be handy to add to my own custom maps that I have finished to my own terms and I do not intend to share to the public at the moment, so the requests becoming a reality could just be for my own personal use. Thank you):
  • Monster Energy can model + icon
  • More foods! Drinks!
  • More World of Warcraft icons (All of em!)
Thank you.
Level 4
Oct 31, 2013
Hey Odevill, i saw your comment on the Retribution Aura icon. I've recently come across with this old post with a link a bunch of Vanilla Icons in various formats.

It might help ya. No harm intended with postin' other sites links.