Flood Spore

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I noticed a lot of people were requesting halo models, and i really couldn't see them making a halo map without this little fella. :)
I did this for a halo project of my own that i was working on for a while, and hopefully it will be continued, but if not, i will release all my other models for it later.
But untill then, DON'T bother me with request, or ask me if you can have any of them.

Feel free to make any skins or edits on this model, but make sure to give credit.

EDIT: For those of you who don't know what this is: The flood is a parasitic creature featured in the Halo games, that infests sentient bodies and use them as hosts.
Infected bodies suffer from great mutation and disformation.

UPDATE: Lowered particle count to about half.
*Added Spell Death animation
*Increased *POP*-ness in regular and spell death animation
*Added a third walk animation in wich the unit jumps about twice as high as in the second walk anim
*Flesh pieces now fade away before dissapearing

Small update: Fixed name of Spell Death anim.

Another small update:
Here you go misha, alternate death name changed to "death spell".

EDIT: I noticed this model did not have a proper death sound, like the earlier version had. That is fixed now. Also rounded extents and coordinates of some stuff, might reduce size, i dunno.

Halo, flood, spore, space, insect, parasite, gravemind

Flood Spore (Model)

23:40, 27th Dec 2009 DonDustin: awesome model that will fit into many different themed maps. But I still think that an attack animation is missing. Aproved nonetheless
Level 3
Oct 13, 2009
ya this is pwnage i got a small peace of advice thou k

hmm maybe add raise dead spell so it can raise dead units like it already does in real game and maybe have it die when it does but it has to right in front of it and also maybe have like any other flood types be able to evolve to diffrent types like in the game halo 3 the spike throwing one evolves ot brute form and the big full of flood things evole into bulbous form (drops flood eggs and turns the people into flood) just a reccomndation thanks
Level 4
Jan 22, 2009
1. i love this cute flood spores and 2. maybe u can create a better model of the master chief because the other is something like sh*** because the spell anim isnt really good but gj forthis model
Level 2
Sep 7, 2009
this gets a 4.5/5 from me it lack some things like atk anim. I think he should explode like one of the spores does in the game. Like a green decay cloud look
Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
Im currently making Warcraft 3 : Spore,currently on savannah and archipelago I used your models on the maps it is amazing.Can you make me models of alien animals please and earth animals like zebras,giraffes.Spore creature models needed!
Add me as a friend I have epic completed maps.Add me as a friend please!
Level 19
Oct 15, 2008
Hmm... Are you still working on that map? It looks pretty great to me:)

PS: The terrain looked so neat that I thought it was from the real game, until I noticed the fact that it was a Warcraft III Model.
Level 1
Aug 15, 2011
Odd, is there something specific you have to add to make the model appear? using that and some other ones, and the flood just come up as shadows that i cannot select
Level 1
Aug 15, 2011
You have to remove "war3mapimported\" from the texture path when you import it.

I thought that might have been it, But i already had removed it. Making a map for me and my friend to play, so i have a bunch of great imported models, however i had the same problem when i tried to use that Tau Warrior and megaman X, i removed the extra fluff as usual but just got a smudged looking shadow.