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Floating Text for damage!

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Level 10
Feb 20, 2008
DO SOME1 KNOW A THREAD hat explain how create floating text for damage, i know how set up the trigger but idk wich variable should i put on so it can track Spell damage!!!

like floating text=spelldamage

can some1 help me *.....

i readed all fucking tutorial as it possible!!! note im french i dont understand all meaning or idk
....... if some1 know thread plz give me link >.<
there so much thread here and there no search bar like map section
Level 10
Feb 20, 2008
Thanks for topicas it helped me alot ^^ now i only need to fix it to make it usable on spell!!!

and thx for avator ill try thing u said cuz, im making new version on dbz tribute supreme and i wanan add most thing i can :p with all idea i can find!!!
cuz at the end this map wont look like other tribute

Made by poeple for poeple
Level 12
Mar 16, 2006
Damage text?

Critical Strike 1x damage 100% proc rate. Add it to whatever unit you want.
Level 7
Sep 9, 2007
  • PPW Phoenix Strike
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • (Ability being cast) Equal to Phoenix Strike PPW STUN
    • Actions
      • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
        • If - Conditions
          • ((Target unit of ability being cast) has buff Cruelty PPW DUMMY) Equal to True
        • Then - Actions
          • Set Ability_PHOENIX = (2.00 x ((Real((Level of Phoenix Strike PPW STUN for (Casting unit)))) x 100.00))
        • Else - Actions
          • Set Ability_PHOENIX = (1.00 x ((Real((Level of Phoenix Strike PPW STUN for (Casting unit)))) x 100.00))
      • Unit - Set life of (Target unit of ability being cast) to ((Life of (Target unit of ability being cast)) - Ability_PHOENIX)
      • Floating Text - Create floating text that reads (String((Integer(Ability_PHOENIX)))) above (Target unit of ability being cast) with Z offset 0.00, using font size 10.00, color (80.00%, 15.00%, 15.00%), and 0.00% transparency
      • Floating Text - Change (Last created floating text): Disable permanence
      • Floating Text - Change the lifespan of (Last created floating text) to 4.00 seconds
      • Floating Text - Change the fading age of (Last created floating text) to 1.00 seconds
      • Floating Text - Set the velocity of (Last created floating text) to 32.00 towards 90.00 degrees
      • Set Ability_PHOENIX = 0.00
This is a spell I have made, Hopefully this helps to show how floating text is created to show how much damage a spell has done. My spell does raw damage which ignores armour. The if/then/else statement is simply checking weather the target has a certain debuff, if so the spell does double damage (the debuff is applied by a chance on hit passive ability from the same hero), this is not relevant to how the text is created.

have a triggered spell which sets an integer variable to a certain value
set the life of the target unit to current life - integer variabl
create floating text which shows the variable

i used a real variable which meant i had to convert it to integer (so that decimal places would not be shown) and then convert that to string, this is all done in the lfoating text actions
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