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Flesh Giant

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
A remake of leopards flesh giant skin:


Much more details added.
Didn't come out how I wanted it to be(bad wrap on some spots,couldn't keep the flow together,ect)
but It has an Icon and is great for an abomination leader or anything along the lines of that.
I changed the hair to an exposed brain(didn't work).
Beard was changed to an exposed stomach(worked good enough).
Dont zoom in on its backside,I warn you.
I Also gave it a cool ribcage

Thanks everyone in my W.I.P. thread for giving me critisism and comments.
Hope you'll use it,same old things I allways say,bla bla,cahnge skin size if you want, credit to me.

-halo aka staby.

MountainGiant.blp (Texture)

THE_END: WO This is just plain scary as hell
Level 3
Jun 14, 2005
Wow this looks really good.halo u draw flesh very nicely. and i think it looks good on the wrap...looks like its right off a resident evil game or something. gj man

Edit: how can i resize the image to lower the file size :roll:
Level 1
Sep 19, 2005
Uhhh...the file size is way too big for my tastes...but dont' get me wrong, it's a good skin...just takes up too much file space...
______________________________________________________AznKaos UsEast
Level 7
Aug 31, 2005
Maybe the screenshot/preview should have just a bit compression to lower that filesize too. And a bit smaller. And preferably some pictures of the unit from other angles. You can use the space the plain skin uses, as it is already previewed on the page.
Halo, you should concentrate on skinning for high polygon models (like models from WoW, Fable, Half-Life 2, etc.) cuz this skin is really amazing for an unwrap. The problem is actually the model itself due to the lack of polygons needed to make the skin wrap really good. The portrait make it worth though.

Overall: 4.75/5 (-0.25 for the wrap)
Level 8
May 15, 2004
the unwrap is flawless but on this model it doesn't work totaly but its still looks damn good to me, kind of like the creature from doom3. did you cnp the texture from a atomy picture or did you fully do it freehand.
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
Thanks everyone :D

cowboybill and AznPed: open it in viewer convert to jpg,tga or bmp in mspaint,gimp,ps ect and convert to 256x256 will reduce filesize 4 times lower.

Istran,EmoEnigma,Excite,Iplaystarcraft and Vgsatomi:
thanks for the praise...
I know the choice for the model was a bad idea.
Its just this one would have been a challenge for me.


The style this was based on was by someone named DH.
I dont the link to his work because it was on the original polycount(hacked and now is unsurfable :(.
Ill PM you the unwrapp becuase its 1024x1024,Its not cnp of it by the way)

yacapo,Dan van Ohllus and evil arthas:
The sad thing is my computer can not take doom3 or world of warcraft so im stuck modding this for now.
Though I am looking forward to a new computer and qauke 4.
Ive started a highpoly version of this.

mr_physco2000 and black stan:
It is freehand,I used a few anatomy references but its
hand painted

I Personaly rate this skin 4.3/5
Level 3
Sep 23, 2005
You skiners really need to give us the path :/ becuse it would really help us non finding the path thingy people XD.....(that was a hint to like please tell me the path lol)
Level 1
Dec 23, 2005
Ok this model is perfect for the map im making, only problem is, I CANT GET IT TO WORK!!! :evil: CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! I CANT GET IT TO WORK AND I CAN USE ANY EXPLINATIONS U GUYS CAN GIVE ME. thx