Flaws & Suggestions

Level 1
Apr 20, 2009
First of all I would like to state that you did a very good job of balancing a map this variety of units, spells, heroes, etc.
Mountain/Red, they can just summon 12 of their flying reincarnating birds+12 flying red dragons and kill every wizard. Almost half of my games are ruined this way, and now I simply have red closed.
-Disable flying units from flying over the cliffs, bordering the colors.

Swamp/Brown is less dramatic, his animate dead spell is flawed. With 5 people attacking the middle at once, he masses almost 3x the amount of units there and just rushes into a base and kills the wizard. The non-swamp players just sit there like..."Great...I'm screwed..." and can't do anything.
-Either dramatically reduce the time they last
Or (Harder, more difficult option)
-Make the units attackable.

As I stated, red and brown both have overpowered qualities, but at the same they do not have the tower protection that the other three colors do. Although red and brown have other advantages. (See Above) They don't balance anything, they're cheap and ruin the game, and more often than not, players leave the second they see red coming in through the back. When they see the undead units brown has, it takes like 4-6 times for them to get mad and leave.

Red has a version of towers that is acceptable, not a large problem, but brown has none. It hasn't really ruined gameplay, it just bothers myself a bit.

Other than these few things, the map is very well balanced.

Onto a few things that I, in my own opinion, think could be done.

The game often has a ton of units on the field, while the middle can't support any large amount of units, and this impedes the gameplay and strategy involved. Increasing the amount of space to fight on would be fun, so you didn't always attack the people right next to you.

Adding things like control points or something that increase the speed of spawn, or periodicly drain other peoples mana. (Can target one color at a time, not a large amount but something like every 10 seconds, -100 mana)

Those examples are for control points you would put on the middle of the field, and my suggestion for that is...Summoned units, or legendary heroes have to be standing on the control point for 15+ seconds, or some time like that, and they gain control.


The points are neutral and when someone conquers it (If its any unit, or a hero, or your wizard...etc) it turns to normal, then the person has to conquer it again. This would make the points more dramatic to take.

This would only work if the space in the middle was increased, by a large amount. I can understand if you want to keep the map MTG-Themed, I play MTG myself, but it isn't turn-based, so adjustments need to made to make the gameplay better.

If you have given up or stopped making this map, please note this. But to encourage or motivate you, every person that plays the game when I host it enjoys the map, whether they enjoy maps like SotDRP or DotA, it interests them because the gameplay is so fast, and it involves a good amount of strategy. Everyone enjoys your map, so please do not halt making it.