Fiendish Butcher Reforged

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I'm a judge in HD modeling contest #3, that why I create this model to contribute something to the contest cause undead is my favorite race. I intend to make something more horror like ( adding more hand/head/leg) but I gave up that idea
I will upload both version Hero( have dissipate animation ) + Unit( don't have hero glow, have decay flesh and decay bone animation)

I used the same name for both version(hero + unit ) that why I just upload 1 portrait model.

14/8/2022: Upload Fiendish Butcher Hero and Unit model + icon

Feel free to use and edit if you want, just give me credit

Fiendish Butcher Hero (Model)

Fiendish Butcher Icon (Icon)

Fiendish Butcher Portrait (Model)

Fiendish Butcher Unit (Model)