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Felwood Coven v0.19b

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Deep within the Felwood's dark forests, a hidden cult of Night Elven exiles began an unholy coven in a secreted, round stone formation. Reminders of their hideous dealing with demons can be seen in the demonic inhabitants and the unnatural environment. Despite the extensive amount of forest, a goblin merchant actually managed to maintain a business, sellign wares to the various adventureres, looking to forge a new settlement in this cold, unforgiving woodland.

This is my attempt to begin a 'career' as a mapper. I understand that the map is rather thrown together; however, I plan to actively work on it to see that it becomes an ejoyable melee map. I also understand that there is a substantially limited market for melee maps, particularly RoC maps. I decided to work as a melee mapper simply to help me get acclimated to the editor.

Please rate and comment as you see fit. All criticism is welcome, as long as it is constructive.

melee, forest, coven, felwood

Felwood Coven v0.19b (Map)

17:01, 28th Mar 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected The map is clearly unbalanced and I honestly think that it's easier to start a new map than to change this one.




17:01, 28th Mar 2010
ap0calypse: Rejected

The map is clearly unbalanced and I honestly think that it's easier to start a new map than to change this one.
Level 16
Jan 31, 2009
From the preview I find it hard to believe it is balanced as a melee map. As you can see there is shops/fountains at bottom left and right of the map. A goldmine in the middle far away from blue but red has one above and under it. If possible post a screenshots of the map, it will be nice.
Level 4
May 1, 2008
This map isn't a balanced melee map.
I explain :
-Red woods ! there isn't enough wood at red starting point
-Infernal hided gold mine : Not enough place to build orc or human main building ... and imbalanced, due to 2 infernal and his position, which don't allow blue to take it.
-Blue forest : Blue is blocked by forest ! wtf ! he can't creep omg !
-Black guard creep point : It's an horrible point ! you spawmed doodad. And 2 blackguards as a creep point isn't funny...( and isn't balanced at least)
-alone creeps : remove them ! there are NO alone creep in a melee map !

Ps : i have no time to end this msg, sry
Edit :
-Some passage are too small. Usually maps are based on open lands, but your is mainly composed with forest.
-Goblin merchant and Foutain of life are too away from red, it's not balanced.
-Middle furbolg camp is too on the way.
-Don't do "Trees Wall". Make "forest" (open a melee map and check the difference beetwen your and a blizzard one)
-some green creeps don't drop item ... And most of your table have 80% chance to drop. It's bad. when you kill a creep in melee you're sure to have an item.

With more work i'm sure you can do an average melee map. i won't rate your map.
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Level 18
Feb 28, 2009
It`s a melee 46x81 map. So the first thing got into my mind is why you`ve chosen as the basic size 128x128?
Secondly the map is more... a labirynth. You must go throught the tree way to get into any place on the map (or you can destroy some trees what will waste them). The blue base is surrounded (blocked) by the trees what is really unneeded on such a small map. Also blue has very close to the shop and to the fountain of life while red doesn`t have any neutral building. He has only the goldmine protected by 2 infernals. It is also hidden after mass of trees. The second goldmine doesn`t have any neutral hostile units. There are some alone standing units what is not good. There are too many units dropping items (especially the alone standing ones) what is the easy hunt for items.
The terrain is plain and there are no doodad (only trees (ok there is one rock and some mushrroms but nothing more)). The cliffs looks bad, put some doodad onto them, curve them, etc. Put more work into the terrain. It`s important also.

You should make the map symethrical coz it`s easier to balance it then. While blue has 2 gold mines with 12500 gold for free red has only one with 12500 and the second one is heavily protected by infernals and by the trees.

Like for now I give this map 1/5 and vote for rejection.
Practise more.
Level 8
Oct 18, 2008
Thank you for the criticism, I may attempt to rework the map in a second. As I said, I just threw this together in about 15 min, and neglected to fine-tune it. If I cannot rework this, I'll simply redo it from scratch.