Fel Orc Beastiary

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I decided to put to use the Fel Orc building parts that for some reason Blizzard decided to create solely for the Burrow.
Starting with the Beastiary, here is a Fel Orc version that used the textures and some parts from the Fel Orc Burrow created for Reforged.

Object Editor Data:
Art - Death Time (seconds): 2.585
Art - Scaling Value: 0.760
Art - Selection Scale: 5.000

04/11/2022 - Version 1
04/11/2022 - Updated portrait model to the correct one
04/12/2022 - Updated the work animation particles from the yellow glow to a green goop
04/13/2022 - Fixed Birth and Death animations

BTNfelbeastiary (Icon)

Fel Orc Beastiary (Model)

Fel Orc Beastiary Portrait (Model)

Level 8
Oct 10, 2020
OMG... We need Reforged Fel Orc buildings. And for a Fel Orc Beastiary this is absolutely fantastic and a great addition for the Fel Orc models already available. Fantastic job my dude!
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I request for the death animation to be fixed
I am currently working on learning how to properly merge animations from linked models in order to create the Fel Great Hall without too much hussle, once I am confortable enough with it to the point that I won't break my own model when trying to animate it, I will surely update both the Build and Death animations.