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Fel Orc - Spearthrower

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Fel Orc - Spearthrower
"Glory to the Fel Horde"

Spearthrowers are Grunts trained in the use of the spear. They are faster than their ax wielding brethren, but have less thicker armor so that they may move about more freely. The ability to hurl their deadly missiles across a battlefield makes them a formidable unit to employ.
The spearthrowers of the Fel Orcs are less the hunters and trackers of the old days, or the spearmen of the new Horde.
They actually see themselves only in the warlike sense as skirmishers or just part of the light infantry, which ambushes the enemy and can inflict heavy damage with their heavy spears before the main battle has even begun.
Some particularly sadistic specimens take a certain pleasure in adding poison to their weapons. As if getting hit by a spear like that wasn't a big enough problem...

Also for this unit I plan to make clan related derivatives. This will only take a while. So: Stay tuned!

Fel Orc - Spearthrower (Model)

Fel Orc - Spearthrower (Icon) (Icon)

Fel Orc - Spearthrower (Portrait) (Model)

Level 34
Jul 26, 2015
Don't fel orcs have green eyes?

Great model btw
Thank you, and: no.
Fel Orcs had green eyes in concept art from the very beginning and actually in two icons (Fel Orc Warlock and Fel Orc Grom).
However, the models in the game all had yellow eyes. Grom even with red glow.
This was then also adopted in WoW:TBC, where all Fel Orcs in Outland had yellowish-red glowing eyes. With one exception: The Bonechewer Behemoth, whose eyes glowed blue.
In Reforged, that was also adopted...
Only in WoW: Warlords of Draenor do the "Fel Orcs" on Alternate Draenor have green eyes. But there the complete design was thrown overboard and anyway, if you compare it with the old lore, this part of the Expansion was complete humbug.

Hei friend! I know you are focusing more on the Fel horde. But can you also make a new horde variant? :D
Sure, why not? I'll put it on my list but can't tell you when I'll have it done. ^^
Level 18
Oct 25, 2006
Badass evolution for the other spear thrower made earlier.

Really looks like a "royal guard" or something due to its posture and its armor.

I really like it.