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Fel Orc Barracks

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
I decided to put to use the Fel Orc building parts that for some reason Blizzard decided to create solely for the Burrow.
Here is the Fel Orc Barracks that used the textures and some parts from the Fel Orc Burrow, Fel Orc Grunt, Undead Necropolis and even Azgalor's head, that lit up during the work animation.

There are three variations for this building:
Default: mounted Azglor's head on the gate, work animation lit up the head and vents goop from the sides (as in the thumbnail)
No Goop: mounted Azgalor's head on the gate, work animation lit up the head
Mounted Skull: mounted Azgalor's skull on the gate, work animation vents goop from the sides (as in the thumbnail)

04/12/2022 - Uploaded
04/12/2022 - Added two new versions to the bundle
04/17/2022 - Fixed Birth and Death animations
04/17/2022 - Added a button for the mounted skull version

Fel Barracks No Goop (Model)

Fel Barracks No Goop Portrait (Model)

Fel Orc Barracks (Model)

Fel Orc Barracks Icon (Icon)

Fel Orc Barracks Mounted Skull (Model)

Fel Orc Barracks Mounted Skull Portrait (Model)

Fel Orc Barracks Portrait (Model)

Fell Barracks (mounted skull) Button (Icon)

Level 8
Apr 30, 2021
How many more Buildings for the Fel Orcs are there? So far there's the Burrow, Beastiary, and now the Barracks.

I think the Spirit Lodge and Altar of Storms would be replaced by Warcraft 2 Buildings along with the Tauren Totem in terms of the Ogre Mound.

So I guess there's Great Hall, Warmill, and Towers left to do.
For the immediate future I still plan on creating the Great Hall and its upgrades and the Watch Tower.
In the end I hope to replace every single orc building with something else, that includes the altar, spirit lodge, totem and war mill as well, but for now those could be replaced by the Altar of Storms (WC 2), Temple of the Damned (WC 2), Orc Blacksmith and Ogre Mound already available here.
Level 9
Oct 10, 2020
The Fel Orc's really needed buildings and Blizzard was obviously lazy about it. Your work so far in Reforged is awesome! This would make the Blood Elf Campaign so much better with the resources already available for the Blood Elves and Fel Orc's that talented folk have contributed already. The Blood Elf Campaign and Maeiv's story I wanted fixed the most. I was so disappointed with both when I first played Reforged.

Also, have you thought of maybe making a Netherwing Dragon Roost all chained up like the one the Blackrock Orc's have in the campaign? I always felt like that was missing, however there is already a Fel Orc on a Netherwing model which I would imagine would come straight from the Beastiary and not the Roost. I just figured the Fel Orc's having their own Dragon structure would be fitting or even if it was just used as a prop or mission objective for any campaign style map. I just remember saving the Netherwing Dragon in WoW, brings back memories. lol
Last edited:
My thoughts exactly.
My only hope is that @InsaneMonster can keep up his amazing work with re-reforged so that we may see those campaigns in their full glory.
Until then, I will keep on filling the gaps for those missing models that Blizzard lefts us with.

Keep going. This model fills all of the checkmarks for me: it's easy to recognize, it's really theme focused, it SEEMS polished. Show me what you've got!
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
Got three Fel Orc buildings now...

Still regardless it's pretty great seeing them having their own buildings...
Level 9
Oct 10, 2020
Just tested this out. Have to say, I love the fact you left that faded orange/reddish roof with the team based color stripes. Keep that Aesthetic!