[Footmen Wars / Frenzy] Feedback, thoughs, suggestions on a map idea

Level 8
Mar 19, 2017
Resume of the map:
1. 4 teams, up to 3 players each. Map is Footmen Frenzy size and design style.
2. Each player is granted a key structure that decides the game ie. if destroyed the player is out, if all destroyed, then the team is out. At this point the map has its base on Footmen Frenzy maps. But no Frenzy because:
3. Each team must draft up to X units. Units are in fact kind of like cards or moves that the key structure can deploy or summon. These cards are either creatures (ie. lazy reforged footman of nether space) or skills (ie. bullshitball). When summoning a creature...well a creature spawns under control of the player. When summoning a skill its effect is applied (ie. missile that deals 1 damage to a creature or key structure when colliding).
4. The key structure is indeed the summoner o caster of those creatures/skills via your standart wc3 ability. This ability has obvious cooldown so this maps doesn't become on a spam fest.
5. At this point the map is an ultra customizable Footmen Frenzy with intense similarities to one of the greatest maps of this site and that i found recently: Magic SC by GreyArchon.
Sadly, that map crashes a lot, has its development halted almost a decade ago, and lacks more depth. Card Shuffle is another map on the similar vein: RTS - Automation - and delicious cards.
6. Map lore, story and theme is not that of Magic or anyother card game but takes some mechanic elements from Yu Gi Oh (ie. a creature that recquires a sacrifice to summon). Map lore is the last aspect i will address.

Map is still in alpha (no Map Development post), but terrain is done, core mechanics are done (basic team selection, card grid collection, team "hands", core summoning trigger), and some very nifty summoning interactions are also done, but i lack summon ideas (creatures and skills). This last thing is not that of a problem though, but as i'm aproximating the phase of finishing the prototype i would also want to get some external feedback about the playability of such map idea, some mechanics you think could be cool on Footmen Frenzy Styled or card game related maps, and your thoughs on GreyArchon Magic SC (the map that most ressembles my concept), if you played it, and any thing that popped into your mind.