Fated Hour Hero Siege

Level 5
Jul 26, 2004
Last updated: 10/30/07
Map Name: Fated Hour Hero Siege
Creator: FrostCyrus
Current Stage of the Map: Pre-Alpha

The world has become corrupted and your last hope of saving it is to defend the orb of life. This will run very similarly to classic hero siege format (classic 10 hero siege was the map that got me hooked onto WC3).

Unique Features
  • Personal Training Center - Used to further increase the power of your hero, but limits the rate at which you can do so, allowing for a more balanced gaming environment than most 10 hero sieges. The personal training center also present more ways in which you can improve your hero than what is normally available.
  • Monster Craftsman - Slaying some of the more difficult monsters will drop an item (such as a monster hide). Selling the item to the Monster Craftsman will allow the hero to buy a unique item from him (similar to the Fur Shops in Final Fantasy Tactics, except you have to physically sell the item). This will allow heroes to transform items such as black dragon scales into black dragon mail.
  • Greater Hero Selection - With most 10 hero sieges (anymore), they usually offer only custom heroes. With Fated Hour Hero Siege, they will have a selection of all the original 24 heroes (reworked to level beyond 10) in addition to at least 30 other custom heroes (exact number yet to be determined). The custom heroes will blend nicely to work well with the already existing ones, and will offer fresh new play styles while still emphasizing a strong sense of balance.
  • Unique Monster Spawning - Most 10 hero sieges spawn units based on triggers. Fated Hour Hero Siege spawns units (friendly and foe alike) through a unique training system that allows for a wide variety of battles.
  • Items Upgrade at Shops - As you delve further into the game, more powerful items will become available at shops. Where you once purchased an iron dagger may suddenly have steel daggers available! (There are dozens of items that upgrade a total of five times, once for each different "wave" of monsters you fight in-game).

List of Unique Heroes
  • Blood Dancer - Specializes in single target killing, with the exception of his ultimate move: Dance of Blood. He can utilize his own blood as well as the blood of his opponents to increase his potency in combat.
  • Tetramancer - Specializes in mass killing. His basic attack alternates from a fire, to a frost, to a lightning attack. His spells combine the elemental forces of two of these elements, and his ultimate combines all three for a truly destructive spell.
  • Necromancer - Specializes in summoning allies. His ability to revive monsters to fight at his side gives him the most powerful minions, complimented by the army of skeletons at his command. His most powerful minion is the Blood Golem, which restores life to the necromancer and his minions with each attack.
  • Gambler - Has the ability to acquire gold more successfully than any other hero, and can throw it at enemies for impressive amounts of damage. His slot spell has a variety of effects, often dangerous!
More Coming Soon...

List of Items
The following items have 5 tiers with one of the prefixes: Iron (Tier 1), Steel (Tier 2), Gold (Tier 3), Mythril (Tier 4), Etherium (Tier 5)
  • Armor - Greatly increases armor value.
  • Boots - Slightly increases armor value and gives a movement speed bonus.
  • Plating - Reduces damage taken from attacks by a certain amount.
  • Spikes - Returns damage to melee attackers by a percent.
  • Axe - Increases damage and gives a chance for critical strikes.
  • Dagger - Increases damage and attack speed.
  • Hammer - Increases damage and gives a chance to stun on attacking.
  • Spear - Increases damage and lowers target's armor on attacking.
  • Sword - Increases damage and gives a chance to parry (evade) attacks.
  • Shuriken - Increases damage and allows the hero to attack air units.
The following items don't have tiers, but may not appear until later in the game.
  • Amplifier of Strength - Doubles strength of hero but cuts intelligence and agility in half.
  • Amplifier of Perfect Strength - Doubles strength of hero.
  • Amplifier of Perfection - Doubles all attributes.
  • Experience Egg - Increases experience gained based on the hero's intelligence.
More Coming Soon...

Alpha Version of "Fated Hour Hero Siege"
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