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Fantasy-Scifi-type adventure campaign

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Nov 25, 2007
Hey guys, though most all of you have no idea who I am, I've been around warcraft3.ch the search for maps, and many of these forums time and time again. First off I'd like to say that I'm a really good pencil+paper artist in real life, I have experience with photoshop 6, and the new cs version. I have had a little experience in a few modelling programs such as lightwave but not alot to produce high quality content. I've also dabbled in the black arts.. no just kidding. =p

Anyway getting to the point, I'm interested in collecting a team of the most skilled artists around here (MadseN has some nice terrainning work) but it doesn't look like he does models, I can also do terrain but mainly another thing I'm looking for is I'm trying to come up with sketches right now, and I'll scan them and post a few in the future of citys, buildings, creatures. I need someone who can work professional-quality models for the warcraft 3 engine, and someone who can turn my sketches/art work into real models to be used in a fantasy-based game.

I'll ofcourse need someone who can script Jass, setup game mechanics that we can test, and then have a few other terrainers such as ones I've seen here start map devving based on storyline, I'm aiming for 2 storyline artists to work with me to produce a plyable content line to follow the fantasy game around, Basically there's no plot yet, good vs evil type thing. I want it to be open ended but if we get the content together and maybe start on this project (first you need an idea and sketches which is my part.) then I can perhaps make some of you good skinners/model makers/terrainers to help me produce the work then develop a storyline for a hero or several heros.

At the time of this writing I used to draw professional anime-type and medieveal-type art. I'm not that great with colors but I'm superb at pencil+paper art, and drafting comic-style art based around that. I've studied under several professors of art and drafting so I'm just curious on starting a project that could be a fun adventure game, and hey it doesn't have to be huge, just a few big maps and maybe a campaign to play around it.

If you're interested or have been dabbling on some fantasy story of your own, throw it here to me I'll be checking it once a day. I might even sketch some of your ideas down on paper, be detailed, the more you are, the more I can be. I can draw anything from cartoon's to H-Qaulity background art. (though I like sketching as it doesnt take up alot of time but lots of details can be put in for making models :wink:)

Please feel free to respond via the Reply button.

If any of you guys have seen the elder scrolls-style pencil art on loading screens, I do stuff very similar to that.
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