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Captain Griffen
Last Activity:
Jan 6, 2015
Nov 20, 2005

Awarded Medals 1

Captain Griffen


Captain Griffen was last seen:
Jan 6, 2015
    1. Ash
    2. Devine
      You were right all along.
    3. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      and who is this captain griffin? is he in WC3? mind to tell the story?
    4. Hawkwing
      I miss your Britishness. :\
    5. Endear
      Hey. I was wondering if you'll ever release a second chapter for your tiny-rpg.
      You should, I know time is an issue, but it would be great if you did. I'm not demanding anything, I just wish to know before I forget I even played the map.
    6. supertoinkz
      Can I borrow it :D
    7. supertoinkz
      uh...captain griffen, is that battlecruiser in the space rogues minimap preview a model?
    8. Vengeancekael
      Captain Griffen may i ask where you're from, cuz Happytauren has a pic of you in his avatar and i think i've seen that face somewhere:/
    9. Septimus
      compile the code from outside the WE.
      If I am not mistaken, what you mean here is to extract trigger data from the campaign, edit it and export back into the campaign.

      Hmm, why nobody make a compiler that work for a campaign? Is there anything the jasshelper cannot overcome with?

      Doesn't have enough time to learn every single function of jass/vjass yet, only knew a few stuff about it. How long does it took you to learn jass? 3 months?
    10. Septimus
      Now I understand perfectly why some of your post was full of sarcasm and trollish note against certain users. Well, nobody can blame you since some user have a rather thick skull.

      Overall, I really like it when you discuss a matter in mature way like we did back at wc3c site but NOT when you troll me at chat for no reason (Well, probably could be some sort of prank or friendly gesture in sort of way). I like it even better if we have a talk like we did back at wc3c instead like we do at chat.

      Anyway, how are you doing? It been quite a time I never seen you release any new work.

      1 question, is there any compiler that could compile VJASS in campaign? I browse through the tools section of hive and wc3c, but the search is vain.

      Have a nice day.
    11. Vadim 647
      Vadim 647
      So what are your criterias of so called awesomness?
    12. Vadim 647
      Vadim 647
      Nice idea for the group.
    13. Ash
      He only traced over another image, it's the same thing.
    14. Ash
      I think you forgot about Squiggy. He traced his Hentai, remember?
    15. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      Your CG Building Costs + Insta Build is bugged (well I found one atleast). The bug is that when you first order a building to be built, you do not get the cost of the building deducted. This results in it giving you the building for free the first time it is built.

      The cause of this orignates from the function OrderEx2. You restore the player's recources but the pausing of unit u refunds the player the full recource cost of the structure after you do so. The fix I found was to restore the players recources after you pause the unit (resulting in the structure being built and recources properly deducted).
    16. Gausslander
      I don't know you, but your warlords map is exquisite. Great job!
    17. CMarket
      Wow, you train fencing? That's awesome.

      Yeah, I'm still cinematicing a bit, even though I've partially moved to modding for Oblivion, but I still find time to work on the cinematic series.
    18. CMarket
      Hi, Captain Griffen. Long time no see :)

      How you've been?
    19. The Final Sin
      The Final Sin
      you think im a perv? well, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS
    20. Ash
      Hi griffles, can you write a short bio of yourself for my project, thanks!
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Warlords. Also several similar maps are in development.
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Silver Hand


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