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Fantasy Football v1.3 AI

Submitted by Chukees
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Fantasy Football v1.3
Created by Chukees

Map Info:

Fantasy Football is basically a football game with spells. There is 3 types of heroes : Goalkeepers, Midfielders and Forwarders. Goalkeepers have 1 unique and dive ability, Midfielders have 2 unique abilities and Forwarders have 1 unique and Power Kick Ability.


Map Features 22 heroes(8 Goalkeepers, 8 Midfielders, 8 Forwarders), 36 unique abilities.
Also Artifical Intelligence (AI) is included, so you can have some fun even in singleplayer.







Special Thanks:
Map Testing:

Change Log:

Change Log

Version 1.1

-Added 4 Goalkeepers
-Added "Background" terrain
-Leaderboard replaced with Multiboard
-Added one more Additional Ability, Push
-Wardens blink cooldown increased from 10 to 15
-Warden can't blink with ball anymore
-Reworked Wisps AI
-AI can't pick Shadow anymore

Version 1.2

-Fixed bugs from Shadow Fury's Review
-Added levels
-Added Bonuses for Power, Speed and Energy you can lvl up
-Added Tilesets(snow, sand, dungeon and default)
-Replaced Tinker's Ability "Barrier" with Ability "Rocket"

Version 1.3

-Added 2 more Goalkeepers
-Replaced Shadow's Ability "Mirror" with Ability "Shadow Image"
-AI now can pick Shadow
-Added one more Tileset: Barrens
-Ice Cube is now knockback, not stun

Author's Word:
Thank you if you download my map, i hope you like it!
If you want to suggest something for next version or you find bug, please contact me(e-mail:chukees111@gmail.com). Your name will be in "Credits" bracket if you find bug or suggest something very cool.
That's all i have to say. ~ Chukees

fantasy, football, AI, artifical, intelligence, soccer, field, ball, team, xD, idk, lol, tile, chukees, fun,

Fantasy Football v1.3 AI (Map)

21:24, 5th Jun 2016 Shadow Fury: An awesome remake of a football match in Warcraft where you'll need to cooperate with your teammates if you are to score goals. Every hero has two special skills that need to be used smartly to retain possession, steal...
  1. 21:24, 5th Jun 2016
    Shadow Fury: An awesome remake of a football match in Warcraft where you'll need to cooperate with your teammates if you are to score goals.
    Every hero has two special skills that need to be used smartly to retain possession, steal the ball and smack it into the enemy box.
    You can also play with the intelligent AI, it is included and it plays pretty well.

    Overall, the map is worthy of an approval and gets a 3/5.

    StoPCampinGn00b: It's soccer* ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 17, 2016
  2. Aether


    Dec 31, 2015
    I really like the map, I must say. Heroes are fine, every heroes has it own usefulness. But sad, there are only 2 goal keepers, it would be great if you add more. I think the Warden is kinda imbalance, because of her ability to blink, try adding some casting time to it.

    The AI is hard to play with. They know what to do, and what you gonna do, I'm impress. I really had fun playing with the AIs.

    The terrain, nothing much to say about it, its just the looks of the field of a soccer field. And I think, there's nothing left to decorate, except for adding some doodads, like flowers, shrubs, birds and so on. The snow weather was kinda weird for a soccer field, you might want to remove that, it doesn't fit. Plus, the tileset doesn't fit for a snow weather, maybe it should be moonlight or rainy weather.

    Description is looking good. It has short information of the map, and some screenshots.

    Voting it for awaiting update.​
  3. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury

    Nov 4, 2013
    The idea behind this map is pretty unique, or at least I haven't seen something like this before. However, the execution needs refinements.

    The terrain is supposed to be a football field, but what about its surroundings? Water? This makes it look like an isolated rectangular island which doesn't give the feeling of being on a pitch. I'd suggest removing the water and putting walls around it where people can stand and cheer. This of course implies putting some decorations all around and using appropriate tiles. Give players the feeling they are playing a serious game!

    The gameplay was enjoyable to some extent. The AI seems to be playing well... sometimes too well. When facing the goalkeeper, it's nearly impossible to score from the first shot. In the exact moment I shoot, the goalkeeper already makes his move as if he had unnaturally quick reaction times. In addition, when a goalkeeper gets too close to the borders, the ball can be snatched from him. Is it intentional?
    As Aether said, more goalkeepers are needed BUT with different ways of parrying and catching the ball. For example, summoning a barrier in front of him, conjuring a rock at a certain point etc... use your imagination!
    Try also to increase the number of Forwarders and Midfielders. More heroes never hurt!

    I see the map requires more work so it is set to needs fix.

    EDIT: [New Review]:

    Wow, great changes! The terrain has improved a lot since last time. Unluckily, new stuff means new bugs :/
    By applying the walls all around the pitch, I casually stumbled across an awkward bug. Sometimes, when the ball is kicked to the sides, it gets stuck in between the walls and can't be retaken. This is a serious issue because it causes the game to bog down. Ensure you put pathing blockers (or whatever blocks the ball) nearby all walls to avoid this.
    I also noticed you forgot to rename the Goalkeepers! Most of them are still called "Ancient Protector" :p
    There is also another serious bug I noticed. To pick the heroes, you have only a few seconds. If the match starts when I still didn't pick a hero and I subsequently pick one, all heroes pause and the match never restarts. You must dig into this. You could solve it by either providing an unlimited time to pick heroes or not starting the match until all players and computers pick their heroes (I recommend this one).

    Well, with these two big bad bugs, I cannot approve the map :/
    Again, it is set to needs fix.

    EDIT 2: Finally, the map is ready for approval! All bugs were fixed. Oh, and the idea of being able to change the terrain was absolutely brilliant ;)
    Here is a further suggestion I thought of you may want to consider: Don't allow players to cast their skills if they cannot e.g Teleportation when you have the ball, any power shot when you don't have the ball, Earth Dive when not in goalkeeper region etc...
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Too bad the AI doesn't really know how to play.
  5. Thomatrix


    Feb 23, 2009
    I have noticed that when I played on the second team, I couldn't see all the field and is kind of annoying. Please fix this. Overall, It is a really good map, I was waiting for a good cooperative soccer map.