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  • How are things?
    I see that you are at least a bit active. :)
    Hopefull.. Yeah, I'm working something on it, but I don't know if I could finish it. Nothing can motivate me to finish it.. soon, I can.
    My motivation always comes and goes. Comments and suggestions are a great source for inspiration and motivation, but it is not coming in every day.
    Thanks for that inspirational speech.. or reply. :D
    Heaven Editor
    Heaven Editor
    If you encountered fatal error, particularly due to not enough storage, please tell me okey. Thanks for playing :)
    Wait, not enough storage?
    Heaven Editor
    Heaven Editor
    Yes. Maybe it is my Warcraft 3 or my map. If yours not having that problem, maybe my Warcraft. Otherwise, it is my map.

    Does it happen?
    Take your time bro. I will help you if you need one. Btw. I have inserted your name. See AI use it in the next version. Hehe. XD
    6 Dream Sphere! Hahaha XD. Come one. You will see your name as the player controlling Black Archer.
    But. You can give me the item sets anytime when you are free. Don't worry. :)
    Oh my bad. I could not check who rated my map. Hm..
    Okey. don't stray away. I have many things to update.
    Give your feedback after playing AI. I haven't complete the AI fully.
    Also, give 6 best item sets for Black Archer for offensive and defensive strategies.
    Good Luck and Have fun! :D
    Thanks. But hey, why haven't you rate my map.
    The game is balancing. I will keep post to you.
    And I want to name AI player as your name when Black Archer is picked. Pick any name you like (by default your hive's name) ;)
    Hey, its been some times. Still here?
    Sorry late reply.. Yes, I'm still here, and I seen the new update of your map, it was amazing. :)
    Greetings Aether,. It has been too long since I put you in your place... I miss the stains of your blood on my moonblade.
    AH, not a new one. Still a "Warden" map.
    It is a development and continuation of the fae forest that you may already have seen. :)
    Oh my goodness! That spam... :D

    I think I also may have doen that a frew minutes ago. SOmething happened with the server I think :)

    The project hasn't been going forward a lot lately, since I have been working and traveling. Now though, I'm teamworking with remixer to create something really awesome. :)
    Oh, yeah.
    You are supposed to kill the healing monsters, and then the tentacles will kill themselves. :)
    Oh, sorry!
    Totally forgot about that.
    Did you kill all the tentacles in the room? Did you step on the circle of power? Did a countdown start if you did?
    I think so.
    It is such a strange bug though, as half the people that play the map get through that point without any problems, and some others don't.

    Check the triggers if you wish, and you can see that they are super simple and fool-proof, so there shouldn't really be a problem :/

    I did change one thing now that have solved most problems before. I removed the force wall instead of killing it, making it impossible for it to ressurrect for any reason. :)
    Hello Aether. Do me a review for War of Sanctity II. Download the latest update and test it.
    Did you import the dependencies?
    If you don't want assist, try setting ASSIST_DECAY = 0

    It's just that, it is a waste creating a new streak system when there is currently a working more advanced one.
    No rush, man!
    Do it when you feel like it. It is gonna be there tomorrow aswell. :)

    Actually, there is an update in progress with Dark Depths, so you could save that for later if you start the campaign now. It should be finished by tomorrow.
    What streak are you talking about? Your answer was vague.
    I could help you by giving the basic outline how to do that. If you're requesting a system, I would write in in vJASS and it will take some time because I'm busy.
    Streak like killing spree, Godlike or streak like Double Kill, Triple Kill?
    Either way, I know how to implement both. By the way have you seen my Pudge Map? It has a streak system.
    Then it won't be called K to 12 then if that's removed.

    I think it's ok to not be brilliant at giving reviews. If I were the uploader, I would appreciate any review as long as it is factual and fair.
    K to 12 doesn't seem that bad in my opinion, but then again, I didn't experience it so who am I to judge?

    I wish I was in your shoe
    Believe me, don't.
    Anyways, I see you've been doing map reviews. Keep it up and good job!
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