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Faceless Ziggurat

This bundle is marked as lacking. It fails to meet the standard requirements and may only have minor use.
A faceless ziggurat skin for my custom undead campaing 'Gathering of the Dead'

Please give credits when you use the texture to the following accounts: Phyrus or Thefrozenlich.

Update 01: added a "dalaran ruins" purple floor textures

Faceless Ziggurat (Texture)

Faceless Ziggurat (Texture)

This is mainly a CnP and recolored texture.
This looks like a creative idea, turning the nerubian ziggurate into a faceless building is a really cool concept. However the execution isn't the best, it's very purple and monotonous. Also I don't think the faceless "faces" works too well. As it...
Level 19
Oct 7, 2014
Nice concept you got here but the purple color is screaming right at me. You could add more detail in the surface of the building because it really works out for each other making it look unnatural making it out of place.
Level 8
Mar 10, 2014
It's a nice skin, fits to a campaign about the old empire, or something with the old gods. I am unsure which old god this skin might fit too, as the naga "belongs" to N'zoth, maybe these looks are universal to the old gods forces. Anyways would look nice if that skin could be added to the undead buildings texture.
Level 32
May 25, 2017
Surely they are giving themself a free selfie pics ziggurat for faceless but honestly, this is still terrible and very little use. I would also question for the people looking at this and ask ourselves: "Why?"

I can't recommend this and i can't found it to be useful.