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Evolution System

Level 10
Feb 11, 2010
i need a evolution system for my map and i need something... like that...
an unit acquires a level, so we look what unit it is leveling...
i compare it, if it have evolution it evolve... else do nothing...
give the same level of the unit that acquires a level to the last created one...
but i need that for 100 or more unit kinds like in pokemon...
i tryed something but that didnot worked... so im asking for help...
thanks ^^
so let explain better... i have a bulbasaur
i set it in the map initialization
pokemon [1] = bulbasaur
pokemon [2] = ivysaur
pokemon [3] = venasaur
pokemon [4] = charmander
pokemon [5] = charmeleon
so my bulbasaur got lvl 5 it evolves to ivysaur and ivysaur got lvl 8 evolves to venasaur... but i want bulbasaur to be replaced by a ivysaur, with same level and onwer (its an multiplayer game)
and my venasaur cant evolve into a charmander... i need a trigger that consider too that there are some pokemons that have only 1 evolution...
and i need some effect too... like an blink effect at a unit to say that it is evolving!! and when evolved it create a text with the name of the unit created and destroy it after some seconds... :}