Pokemon Models

Level 2
Jun 18, 2009
I see this site has a few Pokemon Models but i really need a lot more.

if any of you still play pokemon you know that there is currently 493 pokemon.

But i am only Interested in the Original 151 (Bulbasaur-Mew)

I know this will take a very very long time to create 151 models that are all made in the Warcraft art-style but i feel its necessary to make a correct map based on Kanto (the first Pokemon region) that would let you battle catch and train pokemon

i already have started laying out the map that these pokemon will inhabit but it would not look right using 150 random warcraft 3 creatures that only share a small similarity with the actual creature

also i hear that someone had done this along time ago but the models are lost in the past if any one has these models please let me know via PM and leave a comment here