Pokemon Models? lol

Level 5
Sep 19, 2005
Well I think the topic explains itself. Could anyone make some Pokemon models (from 1 to 151 (Bulbasaur to Mew)? Of course not ALL at once, but you know bit by bit? Boogie-b did a GREAT GREAT job with his other submissions, so I ask him too, if he could make more?
Level 45
Jun 3, 2005
dude, i SERIOUSLY DOUBT, this has been asked in the past before several times, not unless you find or a REALLY GOOD modeler (MODELER! not fricking geo crap) and that likes pokemon ALOT, im sure they will do some of the basic common pokemon.

but i honeslty doubt you will get any from this thread, probably 1 or 2..but thats what me thinks..

i have charmander,charmeleon and charizard but they are horribly old and bugged... I edited with a friend so i dont remember who also worked on them with me..so..bleh..

(corpse screws up)
(horrble bone movement with animations)

sorry, i would give you these in the past..but im not that stupid anymore to give away crap that will most likly crash your map.
And btw, importing hundreds of custom models plus a bunch of textures would make your map way too big (wich would make the map unplayable in battle.net).

So I suggest you use the wc3 models and tint their colors and adjust their size in WE to make the units look similar to pokémons.

Red tinted white wolf = Growlithe
Blue tinted rabbit = Nidorin female & Nidorina
Seal = Seel & Dewgong
Crab = Krabby & Kingler
Level 4
Sep 6, 2006
why not just try getting all the rare pokemon models, me being me, i am a pokemaniac but i
1. dont have all the programs i need for modelling
2. dont have the wits to understand the god damn concept of modelling