Pokemon Modeling requests

Level 1
Jun 6, 2006
This may sound out rageous but I was wondering if anyone would like to do some pokemon models. I don't have any as of now. I do need all 151 Pokemon for a map I intend on making. So please if anyone can help me out I would be really greatful.
Putting 151 custom models would be way to huge for a multiplayer map (if not using them in singleplayer campaigns). So you need to use Blizzards models to make them look similar to some of the available Pokémons.


Purple teamcoloured Wisp -> Gastly
Purple tinted Voidwalker -> Haunter
Phoenix -> Moltres
Red tinted Wolf -> Growlithe and Arcanine
Skeleton (tinted?) -> Mewtwo
Dark tinted Stormaul Ogre (or any other fat units) -> Snorlax
Yellow tinted Raccoon (or Rat) -> Pikachu
Rock Golem -> Geodude, Graveller and Golem
Blue tinted Rabbit - Nidoran (female)
Pink tinted Rabbit - Nidoran (male)
Seal -> Seel and Dewgong
Lich or Banshee Ghost (red tinted?) -> Jynx (?)
Yellow tinted Grunt -> Electabuzz (?)

However, maybe you can find some custom models here that looks similar to some of the Pokémons.