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Ethernal War

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Level 4
Dec 4, 2010
Eternal War

This map will be seen soon on Bnet.

Current Version: Eternal War Beta V 1.1

There are 2 Teams the Alliance and the Horde, Now both teams has 1 Commander and 5 Warriors. The Role of the Commander is to build structure's for his team so they can choose new types of units and win the other team, You win by destroying the enemy Command Center, Also in the middle there is a blighted zone where your commander can build a Hell shrine, When its finished you and your team can transform them self's to powerful demons in a cost of Kills.

How to Play:
Commander: The Commander is the one who tells the team where to go and what to do, He also builds Buildings that provides new classes to the team. He can also cast spells from the command center to aid his team.

Warrior: You are a unit that the commander is commanding, You can do whatever you want except killing or hitting allies, But you have to obey the Commander and Gather Kills so that you can become a demon.

Blight Zone

*Footman: The Basic Unit for the Alliance, It can defend and taunt. Its main role is to take damage and take out Ranged Enemy Unit.

*Archer: The Scouting Unit for the Alliance, it Can do windwalk and put Sentry Wards. Its main role is to scout and take out enemy Sentry Wards.

*Riflemen: This unit has the lowest Hp in the Alliance but the greatest damage, It has Critical Strike and Flare. Its role is to hide and deal as much damage as possible.

*Spell Breaker: This Unit has the Most Hp in the Alliance but the lowest HP, It can do taunt and is Spell Immune. Its role is to tank.

*Sorceress: This unit has Low HP and Low Damage, It can do Polymorph and Silence and it deals Huge Amount of damage on Demon Units.

*OmniKnight: This Unit deals huge Damage, It can Resurrect all Allied Units all over the map and its Spell Immune. Its Role is to take out casters and Resurrect Allies.

*Mortar Team: This is the Siege Unit of the Alliance, It deals a huge amount of damage but is hard aimed and is better against buildings.

*Grunt: This is the Basic Unit in the Horde, It can do Bloodrage on it self. Its role is to take out ranged enemies.

*Troll Scout: This is the Scouting Unit in the Horde, It can do windwalk and put Sentry Wards.

*Troll Witch Doctor: This is the Primary Support Unit in the Horde, It can put a Serpent ward, Do Hex and Healing Wave.

*Shaman: This is the Primary Healing Unit in the Horde, It has a Life Regenerate Aura that heals nearby allies and it can do Rejuvenation

*Raider: This Unit deals most damage in the Horde, It has Critical Strike and can do Howl of Terror.

*Kodo Beast: This is also a support Units, It has War Drums and can do roar.

*Tauren: This is the Siege unit in the Horde it has high damage but can only damage buildings, It can do War Stomp and Shockwave.

All Demon Units Deal Chaos Damage.
Doom Guards Fully Regenerates whenever they kill an non-neutral enemy.
Respawn Timer is 16 Seconds.

*Corrupter: This is the Weakest Demon unit, It can steal a targets mana then use Finger of Death on a enemy.
*Ravager: This is a Demon-Orc, It has cleaving attack and Slow Posion.
*Infernal: This is the 2nd Strongest Unit in game it has Permanent Immolation it is Spell Immune and it has Bash.
*Doom Guard: This is the Strongest unit ingame, It has rain of fire, Cripple, Warstomp and Cleaving Attack, It Deals huge amount of damage and is Spell Immune.

Download the latest version here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/ethernal-war-beta-v-1-0b-186849/

I am currently working on Eternal War 1.1b

*I will add more items
*And i will add a new unit in Hell Shrine
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