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Eternal Battle -ver 1.00

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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A battle started between two kingdoms. The battle raged on...and on...
It seemed that the only way to end this was to kill one of the two kings. A task fairly simple perhaps...but is it?

Each player is granted a builder with whom he is able to advance and gather army. The objective is to kill the enemy king. Each player can use anything in his possession to achieve that goal. Good teamworking and timing is essential for a team to be victorious.

It is possible that the game lasts for quite a long time since each player is basically given the same things, except player 1 and player 7 who can control a defence builder and manage the castle's defences. To do that player 1 and player 7 have extra gold and lumber income. Players can use custom heroes, however each player can only control 2 heroes.

A vital element for victory is the control point in the middle. The player who controls it get more units and has extra gold and lumber income. This control point is essential for victory.

Good hero use and proper hero combination among the team members is also important. At late game heroes will be those to make the difference.

It is possible to control massive units without the use of groups and the warcraft limited unit selection by using the Command Centre.

At this version Last resort and Energy Sources are added to give a little twist at the map:p. Each King has an ability that he can only use once. This ability kills every enemy unit nearby the control point and also recaptures it. This allows the team to turn the whole game making the once defenders now attackers.

Also the the King is protected by two energy sources. The energy sources are buildings which if BOTH are alive then they make the king invulnerable. If only one is alive then the king has his armor greatly increased but is vulnerable. And last if none is alive then the king has no bonuses.

I urge everyone to download this updated version of the map. Many fixes and features added.If no other bugs are found I assume this will be the last version.
Any comments or if any bugs are noticed please let me know.

Defence, Attack, Castle Wars, Aos, Eternal Battle, King Wars, Eternal,Control Point

Eternal Battle -ver 1.00 (Map)

06:44, 4th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 18
Feb 28, 2009
So here`s my review:
+ the idea (I wanted to do something similar, but I get bored)
-/+ terrain is playable and good enaugh
- only 2 towers
- no upgrades for that 2 towers
- the units aren`t supposed to move at enemy base? they block in base of them team
- pretty small number of units, and the better ones have to be trained manually
- small number of upgrades
- the units become spawning even if the building isn`t finished

So far 1/5 and I hope you`ll improve this.
Level 3
Aug 10, 2009
Well fair enough...However i must disagree with some of your ideas

The towers are not so vital for the gameplay that is why only 1 player in each team can build them and there are no upgrades for them.

As for the units they are not supposed to automatically attack the enemy base that would be pointless and i doubt they block the entrace with 9 collision size...to block the entrace you must have at least 1 afker in the team and a LOT of units.

Anyway thanks for the comments I will look into it.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Barathrum's Review (Mini Moderator)

Description (Includes THW description, map description and Loading Screen):"

THW Description: Medium lenght, well writen, contains usefull information(2.5)
Map Description: Too short, low information (+0.5) [Fix it please]
Loading Screen: <Empty string> (+0) [Fix it please]


The terrain is Symmetric and looks nice, wich means it's fair for both sides.
But the map is to flat. (+8)


Well since you fixed the bug, when buildings a structure, spawning doesn't beggin yet.
Contains a full building of upgrades.
Contains many units.
Even though, the units should still walk to the enemy base, not stop at your own. {Suggestion}

Quest menu, Hints:

Quest menu: Contains information about game (+5)
Hints: Has some hints, could be better (+4)

Aditional Information:

Score Board:

0%-49% = 1/5 vote for rejection
50%-60% = 2/5 but i vote for reviewed
61%-70% = 2/5 but i vote for Aproval
71%-80% = 3/5 vote for aproval
81%-92% = 4/5 vote for aproval
93%-100% = 5/5 vote for aproval

Total: 27/40
= 67.5%

Vote for Aproval?= Yes
Vote for Rejection?= No
Vote for Reviewed?= No

Level 3
Aug 10, 2009
Well I have changed the map description however i havent change the loading screen because if I do so then it will require for player to press any key for the loading to proceed. I personally hate that thing and wont do that to my map.

Quests also changed a bit.
As for the units stopping in front of the castle... well the point of the map is not to be made like Castle Fight or something like that... I want players to make coordinated attacks on the enemy with all their units instead of auto spawn.
Level 6
Oct 10, 2009
Name how..?

Mass Purging Template Version 4.0

Reason for not approving:
I'll tell you how.
First off, the terrain is a big no.
Grass and marble aren't just magically like that.
They should almost never be together, and the same goes for the brick, etc...
You need more environmental doodads as well.

Triggering is not the worst, but it's still bad.
You leak, a shit ton. About 20 times every 12 seconds. No. just no.
Also the "Do Nothing" action is serious, it does nothing.
Therefore if you have it in your code, you will just take up space and execution time.