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Eternal Arena

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Eternal Arena 2D

Enter the Eternal Arena, the place of endless struggle for survival, the place of never-ending battle for pure power... The place of eternal fight of the powerful Demigods.

This is an unique styled 2D fighting arena, based on the idea of games such as Tekken, Mortal Combat, Naruto Ultimate Ninja... There is an enormous number of different combinations of attacks that can be executed. Also, the map is full of beautiful special effects and visual effects. Enjoy the gameplay with a single character with limitless combinations, and try to defeat your enemy.


The unique bug-free systems of the map allow you to move and fight with ease. When you perform one action, it is impossible to perform another action. Here are the controls and the list of the systems:
Up Arrow - Charge Mana: While charging mana, you won't be able to attack, move, or enter a defensive stance, but you will have very increased mana regeneration.

Down Arrow - Defensive Stance: While you are in defensive stance, you won't be able to attack, move, or charge mana, but you will block melee and ranged attacks executed by your enemy. However, this doesn't protect you from spells.

Left&Right Arrow - Move: While moving, you won't be able to enter a defensive stance, charge mana or execute a ranged attack. If you jump during movement, you will continue moving forward. If you attack, you will dash forward.

Q - Melee Attack: Five-hits combo attack. With the final attack, you will knock back your enemy. The only other action that you can perform during attack is a ranged attack. Also, your enemy will be dazed when he gets hit.

W - Ranged Attack: Ranged attack that can be performed quickly, but deals minor damage.

E - Jump: When you jump, you will be able to jump over your enemy. Also, if you jump while you are in the air, you will perform a flip, dash towards your opponent and land in front of him.

1)Jump system
2)Attack System
3)Defense System
4)Throw System
5)Movement System
6)Mana Charge System
7)Spell System

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Author's Notes I am in a hurry right now, so I will finish this some other time.

Map Progress:
1) Attack System |--------O| 100% DONE
2) Jump System |--------O| 100% DONE
3) Defend System |--------O| 100% DONE
4) Movement System |--------O| 100% DONE
5) Mana Charge System |--------O| 100% DONE
6) Spell System |O--------| NOT EVEN STARTED
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