Engineering Upgrade

Level 2
Feb 13, 2020
Hi guys,

So I've made an Engineering Upgrade as an ultimate with 1 level.

I've configured it like this:

The upgraded versions of Ravage and Spiked Carapace holds double values for their respective stats (Armor, Reflect, Damage, Stun Duration), and have 3 levels, just like their non-upgraded version.

And in a nutshell, this is working. The only issue is, there's a requirement I can't seem to fix. The requirement is, that after you pick Engineering Upgrade, that passive requires, in order to work, that you level up and get an extra point in the skills you want to upgrade.

In example:
My hero is level 5. He has level 3 Ravage, and level 2 Spiked Carapace. My hero hits level 6, and I choose his ultimate, the Engineering Upgrade. Once I've chosen this ability, my Armor Does not increase on my Spiked Carapace, and neither does the damage or stun duration increase on my Ravage. However, if I hit level 7 and choose to level Spiked Carapace for the third time, it will take the values of the base level 3 Spiked Carapace and apply the Engineering Upgrade to it. My Ravage ability will never work with Engineering Upgrade in this case, because it was already level 3 and can't be skilled further.

Now, I've read all guides I can find, and all threads I can find, and I can't seem to find one that addresses the skill when it's a single level skill to upgrade 3 levels of 2 other abilities (Which works fine, except you need to level up the skill again to apply it).

Bonus note: If I select Engineering Upgrade as the first skill, and then take any level of the other skills, they will never get the upgrades from Engineering Upgrade.

This is puzzling me, because I checked on the stock edition of Tinker, and if you take Engineering first and THEN take Rockets level 1, the AoE of the Rockets will have increased. Basically it doesn't matter in what order you take any of the skills on that hero, it will work just fine. Can anyone decipher what I'm doing wrong?