Empty slot icons

Level 2
Jul 24, 2007
Hi. I'm making a RPG and I need grey icons for empty itemslots that would appear like stone-carved or metal-minted, or some other kind of relief non-multicolored picture (it also may have no BTN borders), and they must illustrate:
1) right hand;
2) left hand;
3) generic amulet hanging on neck;
4) charm (maybe figure of Glyph, or simply a wavy star)
5) generic gloves
6) generic chestarmor/breastplate, maybe with cloak over it
7) generic boots
8) generic helmet (maybe like that Crown of Kings +5)
9) a ring.
So, I need 9 buttons to stand until the Hero finds some items to fill the slots. Now, I'm using for these reasons UI\Widgets\Console\Human\human-inventory-slotfiller.blp. It may be used as basic for my required buttons. I'll give credits to you (on my map, not bank credits:grin:).