Super-Hero Custom Icons

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Mar 25, 2004

Hello everyone!
This is my request thread calling for custom icons to fit my Super Heroes and Super Villains for my map in progess, Marvel Nemesis.
For the skins/models request thread, go here!

Basicly, I need custom icons for all characters that I've got listed in that thread. But for those of you who are lazy, here's that same exact list right here:

Super Heroes & Super Villains
  • The buttons required will be facial Hero icons, both active and disableable. Feel free to contribute super hero spell icons as well, ones that fit very well too, but I need hero icons most so I'd really appreciate those more.
  • Super Hero/Villain icons must be a portrait image that you can find on google images or something like that. I am not too interested in free hand work in photoshop or anything very much, though maybe some touch-ups on images you find will be necessary.

  • Providing me with an icon for different Marvel teams such as the X-Men symbol, Fantastic Four symbol, Spider-Man, etc. for when choosing characters in the beginning would be nice too.
  • Spell icons might not be needed since this will be mostly keyboard based, but since the ASDFG keys or something like that will be needed for attacks and abilities and combos, they might be necessary. So providing spell icons for specific super heroes would be cool too.
  • If you want, you can help me make a minimap image replacement using this image, but adding more stuff around it that may be necessary, such as faded portraits of Super Heroes and Super Villains. I would appreciate this very much.
Thanks to those who help me and contribute to this map!

Credit will be given at the website here.
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Aug 25, 2005
k sorry wanted to see if you liked them or not. Here you go that should be them.

Edit: Here is spider man set just tell me if you like them.


  • BTNStorm.blp
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