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Elwynn Forest Tileset Replacement (Reforged)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Elwynn Forest, aka the Forest of Elwynn or simply Elwynn, is a vast woodland of stately hardwoods nestled just below the foothills of the Burning Steppes to the north. It is the heartland of the human Kingdom of Stormwind. Elwynn is a gorgeous span of fertile land and thick forests. The weather is sunny and cheerful during the day and silent and peaceful at night. Unlike Duskwood, it is close enough to Stormwind to enjoy considerable Alliance guardianship. Home to many farmers, loggers, and miners, Elwynn Forest is a tranquil region with several friendly places to stop. Little troubles this region; kobolds infiltrate some mines such as the Fargodeep Mine and Jasperlode Mine, and murlocs have moved inland to reside in some lakes and rivers such as Crystal Lake and Stone Cairn Lake, but overall it is safe.

This tileset repleacement is meant to replace the Lordaeron Summer and part of the Village tileset. It includes two dirt textures, three grass textures, one crops texture, and three stone textures, as well as replacements for Cliff0 and Cliff1. Also included are all of the ORM and normal textures created specifically for this tileset. These textures were carefully curated from the more extensive WoW Elwynn Forest tileset and tiled using the Effortless Terrain Tile Making Tutorial.

Intended to be used in Warcraft 3: Reforged. Please credit Blizzard if you use this tileset. You may also credit Symphoneum for compiling, generating, and tiling the textures. This bundle was created by Symphoneum from WoW assets using CascViewer, wow.export, GIMP, and Materialize.

Elwynn Forest Cliff0 (Texture)

Elwynn Forest Cliff1 (Texture)

Running into server errors. Here are the rest of the files, I will try to add them to this page later. Elwynn Forest Tileset for Reforged

4/30/2022 - The server errors persist. I have posted an updated rocks texture in the pastebin. Also, I am letting the pastebin close after 1 month, so I will attach the textures here in the comments.


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Love this idea for a fix. I was using the Village tileset to do it for my Terraining but having a more accurate tileset dedicated to it works so much better. :D
I was trying something similar but then I realized I had extracted all the tilesets from WoW a few years ago and after looking through them realized some of the textures would work pretty well in Warcraft 3! Glad you're enjoying the tileset, good luck with the terraining :peasant-cheers-back: