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Elite Human Soldiers

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
This model comes as a follow up to my original work
The armor was inspired by the human units made by BurnedSmackdown. Check out his work as well The Eagle Legion of Yalorol

Units composition:
  • Sword & Shield
  • Dual Wield Swords
  • Spear & Shield
Future plans:
  • Archers
  • Battle Casters
  • Knights
Additional information:
  • These units have a lot of custom work added to them, even the original sword&shield unit.
  • The original armor from BurnedSmackdown was completelly changed to be unique by itself
  • You will see while using them that they can be used in a lot of cinematics due to the multiple options for movements.
  • Thank you BurnedSmackdown for the amazing armor idea and all his help
  • Thank you Vulfar for the inspiring ideas to modify the original armor.
  • Special thank you to Deme3s , he's original design for the Spearman made from footman was what inspired me to create the spearman model
Check out my other work here:
Hope you enjoy it!
All feedback is welcomed.

Elite Captain (Model)

Elite Captain (Icon)

Elite Captain portrait (Model)

Elite Dual Wield Captain (Icon)

Elite Dual Wield Captain (Model)

Elite Dual Wield Captain portrait (Model)

Elite Dual Wield Soldier (Model)

Elite Dual Wield Soldier (Icon)

Elite Dual Wield Soldier portrait (Model)

Elite Soldier (Icon)

Elite Soldier (Model)

Elite Soldier portrait (Model)

Elite Spear Captain (Icon)

Elite Spear Captain (Model)

Elite Spear Captain portrait (Model)

Elite Spear Soldier (Icon)

Elite Spear Soldier (Model)

Elite Spear Soldier portrait (Model)

Level 34
Mar 11, 2017
Hope to add the Lordaeron symbol on the cape, just like the CSW captain
Sorry. The elite warriors are my equivalent extra units of extra units to the Eagle legion made by my brother in arms BurnedSmackdown. He is the creator of the original look and I have adapted that idea and made it unique for me but the core will remain the same.
At this point in time I do not consider to add the lordaeron version ONLY if someone is making a campaign and wants them I can do it. But before that check these Lordaeron Royal Guards