Elimination 2.7

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Elimination 2.7 (Map)

10:17, 21st Jul 2008 Rui: We already have a more recent version on our site.




10:17, 21st Jul 2008
We already have a more recent version on our site.
Level 3
Aug 30, 2004
You cant be the same GaDDeN that made elimination 2.0.
Why did you change the projectiles to rockets? Why on earth would a pistal fire a rocket?
Why does stealth last for 1 sec with like 200% movement speed?
Forcfield? Come on thats so lame. On top of the extramly lame skills, you changed the terran to allow ctf style game play. The new terran is horable for a ffa with them sniper spots all over and raised terran. Your game was great sence the person with the fastest reflexes and hand-and-eye cornation won the battle. Now, due to all the terran changes, its who ever is on the higher levels.
The new items and "Dark gold" are horable! Having the gernades and such spawn from lockers over time ensured that you had to move around to collect items now you can just camp the whole game. Its like some one took 2.0 and made or horable mod of it.
No no no, who ever is wispering in your ear that the changes are good is lying though there teeth.

2.0 blew me out of the water. I skipped the oter vers and played 2.7 I was so let down to see the changes. :(
Level 4
Nov 22, 2004
woah omg wtf lolzorz...
punished him to death :(

i havent played 2.7 yet got no computer able to run warcraft 3.

Dark gold i think was meant to make flahs bang, grenades ans such items valuable
Level 3
Aug 30, 2004
Its just 2.0 was so good. It was very differnt from the other "paintball" and "sniper" games. It was fun and uniqe. but 2.7 is like all the others with "bases" and snipeing spots all over.
The pistels that fire rockets just was over the top.
In 2.0 if you was hiding in a bush and missed your target then the other person might not have seen where the bullet cam from but they sure heard the gun fire. Now is a red flag. I realy dislike the abilitys now too. Stealth was runed.
Level 5
Sep 27, 2004
Sorry you feel that way about the new version =(

Alot of people complained about the new "rockets" (which i think look like bullets, but oh well) so i guess ill change projectile in 2.8.

Stealth was lame in earlier versions where your enemy could just snipe u from 1 yard when you had no chance to avoid the shot. But as people hate the new one, i guess ill change it to a new one later.

Dark Gold needs alittle more explaining. As it was in 2.6 nobody ever bought perishable items (items with limited uses) because you could save your gold and buy a permanent item instead. Thats just the way it is, nobody wants to waste gold on an item that will only work once. Thats why i added the dark gold, that could ONLY be used to temporary items, you couldnt save it for a permanent one.

Forcefield will be the one thing i deffinately WONT change! It adds so much more skill to the game, for example: Grab an explosive, stealth run into the fight, place the explosive, shield urself and then blow it. Boom!

Thanks alot for the CONSTRUCTIVE critisims (i just hate when ppl say "this sucks" with no way to fix it) i will deffinately look into the problems and fix them in 2.8. I totally agree with u on alot of the things, id gladly let you join as a official tester if you just gave me ur msn.

BUT as i have said on the Elimination forums im going to operate my spine (spinal coorD? no idea what its called, the thingie on the back ^^) monday the 26th so i wont have enough time to release a 2.8. Ill be immobilized for a month or so and will probably only have limited computer access for the time, so youll have to wait for the 2.8 =(

Well dont let that stop you from playing the old 2.0 version! Even if 2.7 is meant as a "upgrade", 2.0 can be better!